Today, Friday, the stars of the Moroccan national football team interacted extensively with the visit of retired mixed martial arts star Habib Nur Mammadov to the Atlas Lions camp, one day before their match against Croatia, in the third and fourth place match.

The international star congratulated the Moroccan national team on their wonderful path in the World Cup in Qatar, after they reached the golden square for the first time in the history of the Arab and African teams, and he also expressed his support for the "Lions" in order to snatch third place in the competition from Croatia.

The "Atlas Lions" players, such as Ashraf Hakimi, Hakim Ziyech, Roman Sayes and Elias El-Shaer, published their photos with Habib, and the Moroccan national team's performance analyst, Musa Habashi, shared a group photo of the team with the retired fighter in the center.

And the French star Paris Saint-Germain and the Moroccan national team, Ashraf Hakimi, posted two pictures of him with “Habib” on his official account on Twitter, and commented on them, “Thank you for the support.”

Thanks for the support @TeamKhabib 💪🏽💪🏽

- Achraf Hakimi (@AchrafHakimi) December 16, 2022

Likewise, the pictures shared by the players showed the distinctive atmosphere of the visit, as the player Zakaria Abu published a picture of him while pretending to fight against Habib.


- Zakaria Aboukhlal (@ZAboukhlal) December 16, 2022

The star of the Moroccan national team and Chelsea, Hakim Ziyech, commented on the two photos he posted on his Instagram account with the phrase "number one" and the symbol of supplication, referring to the Russian Muslim fighter who conquered all his competitors before he decided to retire while he was in first place in the standings of the competition.

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As for the young Moroccan player Elias Shaer, a professional in the English “Queens Park Rangers”;

He posted a picture of him with the world fighter and commented on it, saying, "Happy to meet you."

Nice to meet you @TeamKhabib ☝🏻💯

— Ilias Chair (@IliasChaiir) December 16, 2022

The Russian fighter had published pictures of him from his presence in Qatar, where he attended the Morocco-France match, and participated in many different events.

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Mammadov is considered one of the most famous mixed martial arts players, as he won many championships and fought many distinguished fights throughout his career, and he announced his retirement about two years ago.

Habib, who has Dagestani origins, enjoys wide international fame, particularly in the Arab and Islamic world, where many consider him a distinguished example of a Muslim athlete.

The Moroccan national team is preparing to face its Croatian counterpart tomorrow, Saturday, in the third and fourth place match, after losing to the French national team 2-0 in the semi-finals of the tournament.

The Moroccan national team marked its historic participation in the World Cup, after reaching the semi-finals, and expelling many strong teams such as Belgium, Spain and Portugal.