The picture shows Brazilian player Neymar crying on the field.

  China News Service, December 10th. In the quarter-finals of the World Cup between Brazil and Croatia, Neymar scored in the 105th minute of overtime, breaking the deadlock on the field.

This is the 77th goal in his national team career, thus becoming the top scorer in the history of the Samba team.

  However, this goal ultimately failed to bring victory for the Brazilian team.

In the 116th minute, Croatia launched an attack, and Petkovic, who came off the bench, received a pass from Orsic in the penalty area and scored.

Within 120 minutes, the two sides drew 1:1.

  In the penalty shootout, Croatia goalkeeper Livakovic saved Rodrygo's shot.

Croatia advanced to the semi-finals as Marquinhos' penalty hit the post.

The picture shows Neymar sitting on the court in frustration.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  Neymar burst into tears after the game, which should have been his game.

Neymar, who scored the 77th goal of his national team career, tied Pele's record and tied for the top scorer in the history of the Samba team.

  However, in the face of tragic results, the memories brought by personal honor are not happy, only bitter.

The hope of winning the championship and all the enthusiasm of the Brazilian team came to an abrupt end at the moment of the last penalty kick.