, Beijing, December 10th, title: Messi's 1000th game

  Author Liu Xingchen

  This past late night was destined to be sleepless for Argentine fans.

  Leads, conflicts, stoppage time countdowns, overtime, penalty shootouts.

In the quarter-finals of the World Cup between Argentina and the Netherlands, these classic elements on the green field were full.

In the end, as Lautaro completed his "self-salvation" and scored the winning penalty, the Argentine, who took the initiative in the scene, had the last laugh.

The picture shows the moment of Messi's penalty kick

superstar power

  With Messi leading the attack line and Van Dijk at the back line, many people say that the game between Argentina and the Netherlands was a direct dialogue between spear and shield.

This was on full display during the 120 minutes of game time.

  Objectively speaking, this is a game with frequent physical collisions, and the smell of gunpowder is quite strong.

Even the bench was given a card by the referee.

  In the bayonet-like fight, superstars can always reverse the situation of the game by themselves.

In this regard, the 35-year-old Messi has nothing to prove.

In the first half, he sent a through ball to help teammate Molina score a single goal.

In the 73rd minute, he made it all the way from 12 yards to extend Argentina's lead.

The picture shows the Argentine player Messi dribbling the ball forward

  However, the script did not develop from there.

The Dutch player Weghorst, who came off the bench, revived the suspense with a header. During the stoppage time countdown, he extinguished the Argentine's idea of ​​ending the game in regular time with a push.

  In the penalty shootout, Messi was the first Argentine player to play. He stabilized the morale of the army by making a steady penalty, and finally brought Argentina to the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

  "Argentina is one of the four best teams in the world. They know how to play every game with the same desire and intensity." After the game, the Argentine leader ended the night with this praise.

record night

  This is the thousand and one game of Messi's career. After entering the ranks of the thousand games, it means a new starting point.

After one pass and one shot, several new records were added to his honor book.

  In almost all games, the "Plum Ball King" is the opponent's key target, and he is always surrounded by several burly defensive players.

But with a scalpel-like through pass, he still found the right way to deliver shells to his teammates through the gap, 1:0.

The picture shows Messi and Van Dijk hugging before the game

  The moment of glory that really belongs to Messi happened at the 12-yard point.

After scoring a penalty, his total number of World Cup goals reached 10 goals, tying Thomas Muller and tied for the first place in active service.

At the same time, he also successfully tied the Argentine legend Batistuta and tied for the most goals in the World Cup in team history.

  As for whether he can surpass his predecessors, the outside world does not know.

But at the age of 35, Messi still has too many opportunities to make himself the champion of the record list.

  After the game, Messi undoubtedly won the Player of the Match trophy, which is the ninth time he has won this award in the World Cup.

"He is the greatest football player of all time." The evaluation of Dutch player De Jong may be the voice of many people tonight.

Argentine goalkeeper Damian Martinez is pictured saving an opponent's shot in the penalty shootout

fly to dream

  In the penalty shootout, Argentine goalkeeper Damian Martinez saved two penalties from his opponent.

Messi ran to his teammates after the game, and the two embraced tightly.

  "We've reached the semi-finals because of our passion and our inner strength," Martinez said.

And "entering the semi-finals" is almost the most mentioned sentence by all Argentine players.

  The World Cup in Qatar is Messi's last trip to the World Cup. He is eager to lead the "Pampas Eagle" to win the Hercules Cup.

Today, they are only 2 victories away from this dream.

The picture shows Messi and Di Maria embracing after the game

  In 2014, Argentina narrowly lost the German team in the final and missed the World Cup championship.

Eight years later, the younger Argentine team broke into the semi-finals again, eager to fulfill their long-cherished wish.

  The dream-seeking journey of Qatar belonging to the "Blue and White Army" has not yet ended. What awaits them in the semi-finals is the Croatian who defeated the favorite Brazil team.

  The fate of the strong is always in their own hands.

At this point, Messi and his Argentina have long been familiar with it, and they are ready to continue to spread their wings.