The Croatian national team ended Brazil's dreams in the World Cup finals, and was sentenced to an early departure from Qatar. It also assassinated the hopes of the star Neymar in adjoining the Brazilian legends who carried the World Cup in 5 previous times, after the comrades of veteran Luka Modric won by penalties after the end of the original and extra time in a draw. 1-1.

The stars of the "Samba" team could not hold back their tears as they poured down profusely, mourning the loss of the dream of winning the title, so that the pictures of the players' tears topped the scenes of a new day of the World Cup, with great surprises.

Neymar collapse

The happiness of the Paris Saint-Germain star was unfathomable as he celebrated scoring one of the most beautiful goals in the World Cup during the first extra half, and everyone believed that the former Barcelona star would be the undisputed hero of the night.

But what happened in the minutes of the match was enough to turn all interpretations and expectations upside down, so Neymar became today's sad story.

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Marquinhos' last kick in the penalty kicks that hit the post officially ended Brazil's fortunes, and the camera lenses went directly to the Brazilian star, who appeared to succumb to tears.

Dani Alves was consoling Neymar after their loss against Croatia 😢❤️

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The consolation of veteran Dani Alves did not succeed in extinguishing the fire of grief for Neymar, who once again failed to achieve one of his most prominent dreams.

Anthony too

In addition to Neymar, Anthony, the Manchester United player, was the player who expressed his grief the most, and seemed completely unable to stop his tears.

Anthony collapsed after Marquinhos' penalty kick, after realizing that his dream of winning the title in his first participation in the World Cup had officially evaporated.

Anthony came on as a substitute in the 56th minute of the match, and contributed to Neymar's goal, but he failed to save it.

Big shock in Brazil

The dream of returning to lift the World Cup again after an absence of 20 years (the last coronation of Brazil was in 2002) will be postponed, and the Brazilians must now think about the next version after 4 years.

It seems that it is difficult for the Brazilian people, known for their great love for football, to accept this bitter reality.

At least that's what the pictures and videos from the largest Brazilian cities tell us, where millions gathered in front of giant screens to watch the match.

Signs of sorrow, sadness and anger were raised on the faces of the Brazilians, while a number of them did not find a way to express their feelings except crying.

Consolation of a special kind

The Croatian national team and its coaching staff did not celebrate this victory alone and qualified for the semi-finals for the second time in a row, but rather a group of children joined them.

It is about the children of the Croatian players who preferred to share the joy of their parents, and they all documented the moment in a beautiful group picture.

Leo, the son of Ivan Perisic, the player of #Croatia, consoles #Neymar, the star of #Brazil, after farewell to #World_Qatar.# World_Cup_Qatar_2022 |

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But one child of them chose another way that drew attention, which was to go to Neymar in order to console him, and it was only from the latter that he accepted his kind turn, exchanged greetings, and then kissed his head.

According to press reports, the child initiating the initiative is named "Leo", and he is the son of Croatian national team star Ivan Perisic.

Argentine celebrations

The Croatian fans were not the only ones who were screaming with joy after Marquinhos' missed penalty kick, which declared their team a winner and qualified for the semi-finals. Rather, another audience in a different stadium was also dancing with joy, and the matter is related to the Argentine fans who moved massively to Lusail Stadium in preparation to watch the match. team against the Netherlands.

Argentina fans celebrating Brazil getting knocked out of the World Cup 👀

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The joy of the Argentine public with Croatia's victory over Brazil and qualification for the World Cup semi-finals# Brazil_Croatia# Qatar 2022# World Cup# Cup_Channels

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Pictures and videos circulated widely on Twitter showed the great joy of the Argentine fans at the exit of their traditional rivals from the competition while watching the match on phone screens.

And the joy of the Argentines was completed after their team decided to qualify for the semi-finals after beating the Netherlands 4-3 on penalties after the end of the match with a 2-2 draw.

Tite was the first to leave the Seleção.

Immediately after the defeat, and in his first statement after the meeting, Brazil coach Tite announced that he would fulfill his promise and would leave his post after exiting the 2022 World Cup.

Brazil coach Tite consoles his players after the elimination (Reuters)

Tite appeared frustrated and sad as he failed to achieve the main objective of his leadership of the team.

Before the competition, the Brazil coach stated that he had no excuses this time not to win the title, after he had the full opportunity to prepare the group and prepare for the competition, and that he had the strongest combination of stars in the World Cup.

Tite - who took over the task of coaching his country in 2016 - joined the list of World Cup victims, most notably Belgium coach Roberto Martinez and Spanish coach Luis Enrique.

The node continues for the fifth time in a row

Since the Brazilian national team won its last title in the South Korea and Japan version in 2022 and the quarter-final curse haunted it in the five editions that followed, it was eliminated from the 2006 edition in Germany by France, and in 2010 in South Africa by the Netherlands, then in the 2014 edition on The hand of Germany, before he was eliminated in the last version in Russia from the same round at the hands of the Belgium national team, so that the Qatar World Cup will be the fifth in a row in which Brazil will be eliminated from the quarter-finals.