The figure skating Grand Prix Final was held on the 9th in the first half of the women's single short program, and Kaori Sakamoto, who is aiming for her first victory, took the lead.

The Grand Prix Final, which has been held for the first time in three years, was held in Turin, Italy on the 9th, and the first half of the women's single short program was held.

Sakamoto, who is aiming for her first victory in her second appearance, started with a high and wide double axel, followed by a triple Lutz.

Although the next two spins were level 3, the 3 spins in the latter half, which was judged to be insufficient rotation at the NHK Trophy last month, were properly corrected, and the step sequence matched to the uptempo melody was also the highest rated level 4 spin. won.

Sakamoto took the lead with a score of 75.86, breaking her best of the season.

Among the other Japanese competitors, Mai Mihara, who is making her first appearance, landed 3 jumps without fail, and achieved Level 4 in her spins and steps. .

Rinka Watanabe, who also participated for the first time, landed a triple axel, a big move that she fell at the NHK Trophy, and placed 4th with 72.58, which greatly improved her personal best.

Kaori Sakamoto “I feel relieved”

Kaori Sakamoto, who finished the short program and took the lead, said, "First of all, I'm glad that the triple triple was decided, and I'm relieved that the short program has been neatly organized for the first time in a while."

Regarding what he has been working on since last month's NHK Trophy, when he was not doing well, he said, "The amount of practice hasn't changed, but I have to travel by car a lot, so when I have time, I walk or use the train. Even in my daily life. I consciously moved my body and managed to regain my movement."

Regarding the second half of the free program, he said, “I know that whatever the result of the short program, I have to do well in the free program. I want to fix it and do my best," he tightened his mind.

Mai Mihara “I skated while looking back on my life”

Mai Mihara, who finished the short program in second place, said, "I was very nervous because it was the final run, but I skated while thinking about what I wanted to skate one by one and looking back on my life. The jump was a bit dangerous, but somehow I managed to stay focused until the end,” she said with a smile.

On top of that, he touched on the existence of Kaori Sakamoto, who has been training under the same coach since childhood, and said, “I have a strong desire to ride on the podium together. There are many things that I want to do even more.