With just under six minutes left of the summit between Modo and Södertälje, the visitors' Latvian player Renars Krasternberg scored on his compatriot in the Modo goal.

The forward has Olympic and WC merits, and also played in the KHL. 

But the autumn has been tough and his future in Södertälje has been called into question.

Tonight's goal was only the 23-year-old's second goal of the season.

Recruited from Frölunda

Another who has had a difficult autumn is Modo's Theodor Niederbach.

The 20-year-old went before the season to Rögle from Frölunda to gain more confidence and develop in the offensive.

But after 17 games and only one point, he had to leave the SHL for Hockeyallsvenskan and Modo.

Things have really loosened up there, and in tonight's series finale he accounted for a class goal to make it 1-1.

The finish meant his his third goal and sixth point in as many games in the Modortørja.

18 point lead

With two minutes and 18 seconds, Modo decided after a fortuitous goal by Dane Mikkel Aagaard.

The 2–1 win means that Modo now leads the series with a whopping 18 points after 25 games played.

Södertälja fell to third place, behind Björklöven, who beat Mora 6–3.