Players who had experience in the World Cup in the past sent messages of encouragement to the junior Taegeuk Warriors who are writing a new history in Qatar.

Reporter Park Chan-beom will tell the story of seniors who have good memories in Doha, Qatar.


In the 1993 U.S. World Cup qualifier final match held in Doha, Korea was standing on the edge of a cliff, hoping that Korea would win by more than 3 goals and that Japan would not win.

In the second half, Go Jeong-woon, Hwang Seon-hong, and Ha Seok-joo scored consecutive goals to beat North Korea by 3 goals, but the players couldn't laugh.

Because Japan had a 2-1 lead over Iraq at the same time.

[Ha Seok-joo/Ajou University soccer coach: I was going to hold a ceremony right on our bench, but the atmosphere was so bad.

Ah, Japan is beating Iraq...


However, a false reversal occurred.

The game ended in a 2-2 draw as Iraq's last shot just before the end went through Japan's net.

[(Japan) scored a draw!

Korea advances (World Cup finals)!]

It was the moment when the 'Miracle in Doha' happened.

[Ko Jung-woon/Gimpo FC coach: I don't have a favorite expression on the bench, and I didn't know until the game was won 3-0.

(In the crowd) I sang hurray, but I think I saw it first.]

29 years later, at the World Cup held in Doha, head coach Go Jeong-woon visited the site and tasted a miracle once again.

The long time he waited with bated breath after his victory and the extreme excitement were vividly reproduced.

[Ko Jung-woon/Gimpo FC coach: It was only for a short time during the preliminary round in 1993, but this time, the feeling of watching the match for about 5 minutes while holding my breath really dried my blood.]

The seniors told the juniors, saying that the miracle of Doha is just beginning. It gave me strength.

[Ha Seok-joo/Director of Ajou University's soccer department: The burden will be much greater for Brazil now than for us.

(Doha) Miracles can happen again, I think it would be nice if this (miracle) happens again in the match against Brazil (R16), now.


(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok · Gong Jin-gu, video editing: Kim Byung-jik, CG: Lee Jun-ho · Jo Su-in)