Launched by a press conference with great fanfare on the first day of summer, June 21, the takeover of Olympique Lyonnais by John Textor was still not official at the end of autumn.

OL has just published a press release on Monday to announce a new and “ultimate deadline” for this takeover, after several postponements.

The American investor now has only two days left, until Wednesday, to complete the operation of OL Groupe, which is valued at 800 million euros.

“In view of the progress made in the last 48 hours, the sellers and OL Groupe have agreed to grant Eagle Football [the company controlled by Textor] a final deadline of December 7, 2022 to find a final, unconditional and financed agreement with the all parties, ”says the holding company that owns the Lyon club in this press release.

A green light to obtain from the Premier League

Eagle Football, which brings together John Textor and the Canadian businessman Jamie Salter, undertook at the end of June to acquire all the shares and half of the Osranes (bonds convertible into shares issued to finance the construction of the Parc OL) held by Holnest, the family holding company of Jean-Michel Aulas (27.7% of the capital).

Plus all the shares held by Pathé (19.36%) and the Chinese investment fund IDG Capitals (19.85%).

The sale, initially set for the end of September, has since been postponed several times, notably pending the green light from the Premier League for the planned assembly.

On Friday, the sellers and OL Groupe had granted Eagle Football additional time to finalize the procedures, specifying that they would make their decision on Sunday evening on "the follow-up to be given to the operation in view of the progress made by then". .

John Textor had assured the sellers that he had "obtained all the financing necessary for the operation", according to the group's press release on Friday.

But one last condition remained to be met: the contribution in kind to the Eagle Football holding of the shares it holds in the English club Crystal Palace, to obtain the green light from the Premier League.

“It is not uncommon to discover obstacles”

"Eagle Football has today informed the vendors that progress has been made in obtaining the agreement of all parties, including the Premier League agreement, to proceed with the transactions and their financing, but that a delay additional was necessary for him”, explains OL Groupe in its press release on Monday.

However, the group warns that "after this last deadline, the sellers and OL Groupe can only note that it has become unproductive to give Eagle Football additional time".

"OL Groupe will also consider alternative sources of strengthening its equity to quickly have solutions available in the event that operations with Eagle Football are not carried out", he specifies.

This assignment, which takes on the air of Arles,

Our Dossier on OL

The listing of OL Groupe and Osranes shares has been suspended since November 17, pending the finalization of the sale.

Before the suspension, the share had a value of 2.79 euros.

“Be aware that transactions like this can be quite complicated for buyers and sellers, and it is not uncommon to discover obstacles on the way to a


that create complexities and delays,” John wrote. Textor, mid-October on its website, to reassure Lyon supporters.

They are more perplexed than ever, a month and a half later, as so often, about the sporting news of their club, which has been chasing a title for more than ten years.


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