<Reporter Kim Young-seong>

Bento, who has been on the bench since the match against Brazil, promised a match without regrets, saying that he had nothing to lose against the strongest team.

Even if Neymar comes out, he emphasized that he is not afraid if he unites as one.

This is Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.

<Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol>

Coach Bento, who watched the match against Portugal from the stands, was proud of his students, saying that he vividly felt their passion and fighting spirit even when they were apart.

[Paulo Bento/National soccer team coach: I felt pride and satisfaction watching our players play, compete, and win by playing what they believe in.

] [Paulo


/Soccer team coach: The players are fully motivated (for victory).

Rather, it seems that I am motivated by the players.]

He emphasized that the situation is different from the 5-1 defeat in the evaluation match last June, and

[Paulo Bento/National Soccer Team Coach: (The evaluation match) is a completely different game.

(In terms of player composition, etc.) There are no restrictions like the June evaluation match, so we can compete with the best power.]

He said that we have less burden.

[Paulo Bento/Director of the national soccer team: We have nothing to lose.

You can win in just one confrontation (not multiple times).]

He also expressed his honest feelings that he did not want Neymar, who is recovering from an injury, to come out.

[Paulo Bento/Soccer team coach: It would be hypocritical to say that you want to play against Brazil with Neymar instead of against Brazil without Neymar.] If you fight as

a team, not as an individual, Neymar can also be stopped, pouring out everything. I promised to do it.

[Paulo Bento/Director of the national soccer team: I will continue to try everything I can.

Believing in what we have done so far, we will push to our limits.] As we

have achieved our first goal of advancing to the round of 16, it is a bonus from now on.

Taegeuk warriors are determined to face the challenge with confidence instead of burden.

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-ju, video editing: Oh Young-taek, CG: Choi Jae-young)