Aiming to increase the number of rugby fans, the Japan Rugby Union, League One, and the Sony Group will jointly establish a new company.

Japan Rugby Marketing Co., Ltd. will be established.

On the 5th, a press conference was held in Tokyo, where Tokuya Ikeguchi, Co-Chief Business Officer of the Japan Rugby Union, who will be the representative director, and Hajime Tokai, Managing Director of League One, explained the purpose of the new company.

The new company will take advantage of the Sony Group's know-how in the entertainment field, focusing on Japan national team and League One games, to promote efforts to expand the fan base.

Specifically, in addition to incorporating lighting that makes it look like a live music venue during a match, holding various events in and around the stadium, and using official apps, etc. to distribute video and information. We are planning to create a new platform that will make it easier to send and buy tickets.

Masato Tsuchida, chairman of the Japan Rugby Union, said, "I want to win fans while collaborating with new companies to make rugby the most familiar country in the world."