Uruguay defender José Jimenez, who was eliminated from the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, has raised the possibility of being punished by FIFA for verbally abusing the referee after the game.

The British newspaper Daily Mail reported on the 4th that "Jiménez cursed at the referee after the third round of the group stage with Ghana," and that "up to 15 game suspension is possible."

According to reports, Jimenez swore in the process of protesting the referee after the game, and there was also contact between Jimenez's elbow and the back of the head of a FIFA official.

Uruguay recorded 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in the group stage of this tournament, and had the same goal difference as Korea, but was eliminated in 3rd place in the group due to the number of points scored.

However, it was reported that there was great dissatisfaction with the decision, such as the scene in which a penalty kick was awarded in extra time in the second half of the second match against Portugal and Edinson Cavani in the second half of extra time in the third match against Ghana and not receiving a penalty kick even after being pushed by a Ghanaian defender. lost

Football experts in England have mentioned in an interview with local media that both penalty decisions were applied against Uruguay.

In the video released by this media, Jimenez is angry at the person filming the video, saying, "They are all thieves," saying, "Yes, take as many as you like."

The Daily Mail predicted, "Such protests usually result in a suspension of three games, but if the degree is judged severe, there is a possibility of heavy punishment."

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)