China News Service, Doha, December 3rd (Reporter Bian Liqun) In the first match of the World Cup knockout match, the Dutch team and the US team took the lead in the match, and I also took the lead in reporting the knockout match.

  At this stage, if you can go to the early game starting at 6 pm local time, it will be a very happy thing.

  If it is a game at 10 o'clock in the evening, it will end around 0 o'clock in the morning.

Complete a series of work tasks and return to the residence, usually around 3 o'clock in the morning.

A little later, you can see Doha at 4 o'clock in the morning...

In the first 1/8 finals, the Dutch team eliminated the US team 3:1.

Photo by reporter Bian Liqun

  Due to the seamless connection between the knockout round and the group stage, in order to avoid too much fatigue, traditional strong teams such as Spain, Brazil, and France basically adopted rotations in the last round of the group stage.

  The Dutch team is relatively special. In the last game against the already out host Qatar, they still played the main force, and they sent the same lineup again in this game against the US team.

On December 3, Beijing time, in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, the match between the Netherlands and the United States officially started.

The picture shows players from both sides fighting for a header.

  In the group stage, I reported the Netherlands' 1:1 draw with Ecuador at this stadium, and I have a little understanding of their conservative style of play.

  However, the last time there was passionate Ecuador, the game was quite exciting, with the support of South American fans, and the stadium atmosphere was particularly hot.

  By this time, I was so bored that I couldn't bear the sleepiness.

The colleagues sitting on the side also dozed off one after another.

Netherlands players in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  It was the quietest on-site in the 6 races I've run at Khalifa.

Only sporadic "USA, USA" cheers.

  Maybe it was too boring, the Dutch fans in the stands behind me launched a crowd.

But after two laps, the wave of people couldn't continue.

The Dutch fans tried several times to start another wave, but after returning in vain, they sat back in their seats with a little disappointment.

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal.

Photo by reporter Bian Liqun

  Although the scene was ugly and boring, I have to admire the old coach Van Gaal's training of this Dutch team.

  The United States team, which was full of momentum in the group stage before, was also extremely slow under the restrictions of the Dutch team.

  The Dutch team has a luxurious defense line composed of Van Dijk, Ake, and De Ligt, but the midfielders have no advantage if they are placed in a traditional strong team.

Dutch defense general Ake (right).

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  After adjusting the lineup for three games in the group stage, Van Gaal found the most suitable lineup.

  After the first game, he did not blindly focus on fame, and chose Timber, who is more suitable for the tactical system, to replace De Ligt.

  Then he activated Depay, who was in poor condition before, and adjusted his condition step by step.

In the game against the United States, Depay's goal helped the Dutch team establish an early lead and enter their favorite rhythm of the game.

  In the midfield position, De Roon and Klaassen, who are more experienced, were also replaced.

Even senior fans may not have heard of these two players too much.

This is the status quo of the Dutch team. Compared with the previous star-studded, it is indeed a bit too ordinary in the midfield.

  But Van Gaal felt that he liked the current team better than the Dutch team that won the third place in 2014.

Netherlands player (orange) has a header.

  Things are often two-sided. The seemingly unpretentious Dutch team actually has the lack of synergy in the past. Under the leadership of the prestigious coach Van Gaal, even if the game is not good, the players are united. .

  Van Gaal has a nickname in China called "Chef Fan", which is more of a compliment.

After taking charge of the Dutch team for the third time, Van Gaal used not top-level ingredients to cook a decent meal.

Under him, young players such as Timber and Gakpo have also been promoted and shined.

  You know, this Dutch team missed the 2018 World Cup before.

In the midst of difficulties, the 70-year-old Van Gaal once again announced his return and led the team all the way back to the World Cup.

The German team was eliminated in consecutive group stages of the World Cup.

  If the vertical comparison isn't obvious enough, let's compare Belgium, Germany, and Italy, which didn't qualify for the World Cup, horizontally.

  It is the luck of Dutch football to have Van Gaal, and it seems that only he can lead this Dutch team well.

  Van Gaal's victories don't stop there.

After taking over the Dutch team again, he once suffered from prostate cancer. Because of his love, Van Gaal persisted in coaching and overcame the disease.

  For this 71-year-old meritorious coach, how can you not love him.