Yesterday (2nd), not only the stadium in Doha, Qatar, but also the city was overflowing with red waves.

The away cheering squad is delaying the flight ticket first.

A vivid cheer scene, reporter Kim Hye-min sent it.


'Again 2002', 2002 The Red Devils cheering squad, dressed in their uniforms against Portugal and preparing to cheer, increased their cheering intensity as they conceded a goal in the beginning of the game.

When the equalizer was scored and the reverse goal was reached at the end of the game,


Wow !]

The cheering seats are filled with tears along with cheers.

[Han Dong-joo/Korean cheering squad: I thought it was really crazy.

I run so well and I have real tears, tears.


[Jung Hyun-woo/Red Devils: I was patient until 90 minutes and thought I would lose so I gave up, but the goal seems to have resolved all my resentment.

I cheered hard with the thought that it would be the last time and I really wanted to win.]

Even after advancing to the round of 16 was confirmed, the cheering would not end.

Even outside the stadium, I was intoxicated with the joy of victory for a long time,

[Oh for victory!]

Foreigners also congratulated Korea's victory together.

[Ryan/South Africa: The Korean team is the best team in the World Cup.

best team!

Son Heung-min is amazing.

He is an amazing player.]

Even in the city of Doha, Qatar, red waves continue endlessly until late at night.

[Oh sure-win Korea!] Whenever

we see Korean uniforms in markets and pubs, we hug each other and shout slogans until our throats become hoarse.

The away cheering squad is busy preparing for the round of 16, which will be held on the morning of the 6th, Korean time, by extending the return date and looking to see if tickets for the Brazil match can be purchased.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, Video editing: Lee Hong-myeong, Screen provided: Viewer Kwon Jun-hwan)