<Reporter Kim Young-seong>

The 10 minutes from the moment the final whistle blew to the end of the match against Uruguay and Ghana felt like 10 hours.

That's why the moment when advances to the round of 16 were confirmed after a long wait was even more thrilling.

This is reporter Yoo Byung-min.

<Reporter Yoo Byung-min>

Our players, who shared joy for a while after the fierce game ended with victory, gathered in a circle on the ground and waited for the results of the match against Uruguay and Ghana.

With 8 minutes of extra time given, we nervously encouraged each other.

[Son Heung-min: Okay!

It's the best!]

[Kim Young-kwon: It's okay.

it will be

It will work, believe me!] I'm






Time passed so slowly.

[Cho Kyu-seong: How many minutes are left?]

[Oh Hyun-gyu: 4 minutes!

4 minutes!

4 minutes!]

Bento off the ground, and the fans in the stands, while everyone couldn't take their eyes off their phones,

[1 minute!

1 minute!]

[Song Min-gyu: Replace Ghana!

Replace Ghana!]

When I heard the final whistle on my cell phone,

[Caster Bae Seong-jae: Korea!

Republic of Korea!

Doha Miracle!

We are going to the round of 16!]

The players jumped up and down and enjoyed the joy of advancing to the round of 16, and conveyed their emotions by reenacting the group sliding ceremony during the 2002 World Cup.

[Hwang In-beom/Soccer team midfielder: I asked how many minutes were left, but it was still 4 minutes.

When I asked again, 4 minutes.

Because time doesn't pass like this.

We did it and we were counting on it to help.

I think the sky helped me.]

The afterglow of victory continued in the locker room.

The players took selfies with each other and cherished the moment, and Coach Costa conveyed the emotion by singing the national anthem in poor Korean.

[Costa Head Coach: Donghae Water~~]

Even on the bus to the accommodation, cheering continued,


Victory Korea!


Victory Korea!]

We shared joy with many welcoming crowds in front of the hotel.

Ahead of Game 3, the Taegeuk Warriors left a thrilling memory by making the chance of advancing to the round of 16, which was only 11%, a reality at the last minute.

(Video coverage: Yoo Dong-hyeok, video editing: Park Chun-bae, CG: Seo Dong-min)