In Kawasaki City, where Japanese national team player Midori Tanaka and Kaoru Mitoma, who played an active part in the soccer World Cup match against Spain, used to practice, there were voices of expectations for their success in the next match against Croatia.

Near Saginuma Station in Miyamae Ward, Kawasaki City, there is a futsal court where both Tanaka and Mitoma practiced when they were in elementary school, and the children practiced hard for three days.

A 6th grade boy expressed his high hopes, saying, "The two of you are amazing people who give us hope. We've beaten Spain and Germany, so I think we can beat Croatia."

Another boy enthusiastically said, ``When I see the two people who practiced in Saginuma doing their best, I want to do my best so that I can keep running until the end.''

Mr. Junpei Oki, who is the manager of the futsal facility, said, "I'm proud of the performance of the two on the big stage. The game is still going on, so I want them to make more progress."

In addition, the "Saginuma Shotenkai", which supports both Tanaka and Mitoma as "Saginuma brothers", decided to hold a public viewing of the next game against Croatia, and prepared a banner with uniforms. I was preparing for the venue.

Mr. Kazuo Sugawara, the chairman of the shopping association, said, "The whole community will support these two people who are proud of their hometown, so I want them to do their best to aim for the best 8 or best 4."