'I saw only one way,' said Son Heung-min, who helped Hwang Hee-chan's winning goal.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon analyzed the scene in which he scored the final goal of a thousand gold with calmness and tenacity in the crisis of isolation.

<Reporter> In

the 1 minute of added time in the second half, in a corner kick situation, Moonhwan Kim kicked off the ball with his head, and Son Heung-min quickly won it and started running with all his might.

I looked around slightly as I crossed the half line, but all I could see were the Portuguese players.

After running more than 70m to the front of the opponent's penalty area, he was surrounded by 7 opponents.

[FOX TV: Son Heung-min, waiting for the volunteers to come.

What can I do?]

At that moment, a volunteer arrived.

The moment Hwang Hee-chan, who started about 20m behind Son Heung-min and caught up with him at high speed, overtook Son Heung-min, only one road opened.

[Son Heung-min/Soccer national striker: Hwang Hee-chan was seen next to the mask, and while thinking about how to give it, there was only one road that I could see, but how luckily it connected to Hee-chan.]

And Son Heung-min passed between the legs of Portugal's best defender, Dallo .

Everyone was astonished the moment he stabbed an exquisite pass,

[Ferdinand/Park Ji-sung, Man Utd colleague: What a goal!

Son Heung-min's great pass!

How many strikers can make a pass like that?]

The semi-automatic offside reader clearly captured the fact that Son Heung-min's pass started just before Hwang Hee-chan was caught offside.

From the stormy run of the two players to the passing and shooting that captured the moment, the famous scenes made with tenacity will forever remain in Korean soccer history.

(Video editing: Kijeong Woo)