Coach Bento was sent off for protesting against the referee who had previously ended the game without giving a corner kick against Ghana.

So he had to sit in the stands and watch this game, but he seemed to be playing with the Taegeuk warriors even though he was physically distant.

Reporter Seong-Ryong Ha reports the appearance of coach Bento captured during the game.


Bento, who left the bench for head coach Costa and sat in the stands, watched the game carefully wearing glasses unlike usual.

Every time he got up from the stands, despite the protests of the fans in the back seat, he focused on the game and played with his heart even though his body was apart.

He kept his composure even as his goal net chugged.

Even at the moment of conceding a goal in the 5th minute of the first half or when Kim Young-kwon scored an equalizer in the 28th minute of the first half, he was not excited and even showed a sense of tying his shoelaces, but his expression changed dramatically in the second half.

As the players' injuries continued, their faces hardened little by little, and when Hwang Hee-chan scored a theater goal, he was angry at Hwang Hee-chan, who took off his shirt and was warned, or angry at the coach sitting next to him because he was frustrated at not being able to direct defense strengthening.

And when it was finally decided to advance to the round of 16, I met Coach Costa in the hallway where I was allowed to enter and hugged and smiled brightly.

It was a moment of joy that I had been waiting for for four years.

Coach Bento has maintained his perseverance despite skepticism that 'backward build-up' football will not work for strong teams, and has proven that he is right with successive promotions in the World Cup.

And finally, he accomplished a miracle by destroying his homeland, Portugal.

I couldn't share the joy with the players on the ground, but

[Heung-Min Son/Captain of the soccer team: The most thankful thing is that I was able to play the coach's last game together on the bench...

Thank you so much.]

Coach Bento sits on the bench again from the round of 16 and continues his vigorous challenge with the Taegeuk Warriors.