In the FIFA World Cup Qatar tournament, in Group E, Japan faced Spain in the 3rd match of the 1st round and won 2-1 to finish the 1st round with 2 wins and 1 loss. .

Overseas media are also reporting with various headlines.

British public broadcaster BBC "'Comeback King' Japan that cannot be underestimated in the best 16"

British public broadcaster BBC reported on Japan's advance to the final tournament in an online article with the headline "'Comeback King' Japan who cannot be underestimated in the best 16".

The article said: "Next opponents Croatia should be on guard because the 'Blue Samurai' has emerged as Qatar's 'comeback king' and has already taken two heavy casualties with his spectacular substitutions." I'm telling you.

It is the third time in World Cup history that a team losing at halftime has won twice in the same tournament, after Brazil in 1938 and West Germany in 1970.

Spanish sports newspaper "Germany saves Spain"

The electronic version of the Spanish sports newspaper "Asu" announced Spain's advance to the final tournament with the headline "Germany saves Spain".

In the article, "Spain had to return home with the goals of Doan and Tanaka. However, Germany scored the winning goal against Costa Rica. This goal was the deciding factor for Spain to advance to the final tournament. ' is telling.