, Beijing, November 30 (Xinhua) Beijing time last night and this morning, all matches between Group A and Group B of the World Cup in Qatar ended.

In Group A, Senegal defeated Ecuador 2:1 and joined hands with the Netherlands to qualify.

In Group B, the United States defeated Iran 1-0 and entered the round of 16 with England.

  In this morning's Group B match, the England team did not leave any favors for the "old country" Welsh team.

The Three Lions were fully fired in the second half, Rashford scored two goals alone, and Foden also scored a goal.

With this 3:0 victory, the England team with 7 points entered the round of 16 as the top of Group B.

  In another match in this group, the Iranian team lost 0:1 to the US team and lost the qualification to advance to the knockout round.

The Iranian team, which was ranked second in the group before, only needed a draw to maintain the lead over the US team in points, but eventually lost a good game.

  The US team was the active side in the first half.

In the 38th minute, Durst assisted with a header and Pulisic scored the only goal of the game.

On November 30, Beijing time, in the third round of Group B of the Qatar World Cup group match, the match between the Iranian team and the US team officially started.

The picture shows players from both sides fighting for a set ball.

  After entering the second half, the Iranian team gradually strengthened their offensive.

In the 64th minute, the Iranian team played a wonderful cooperation in the opponent's penalty area, but Gudos' shot went slightly wide.

  In the last half hour of the game, the Iranian team created many chances, but failed to score.

In stoppage time, the Iranian team made a free kick in the frontcourt, and Praliganji's header was slightly above the crossbar.

In the next attack, the Iranian players believed that the US team fouled in the penalty area, but the referee did not award a penalty.

  The score of 1:0 was finally maintained until the end.

With this victory, the US team with 5 points has qualified as the second place in this group.

The picture shows the Dutch player (orange) with the ball

  In Group A, against the powerful Dutch team, Qatar, which had lost hope of advancing ahead of time, failed to create too many opportunities. The game was incorporated into the rhythm of Oranje from the very beginning.

  The Dutch team took the lead in the 26th minute. Gakpo broke into the penalty area from the left and scored with a kick.

Having won three consecutive games, Gakpo temporarily tied for the top scorer list, and his three goals were scored with his left foot, right foot and header.

  Frenkie de Jong extended the Netherlands' lead in the 49th minute.

The Qatar defender made a mistake in the top of the penalty area. Although Depay's shot was saved, De Jong followed up with a supplementary shot and scored.

In the end, the Dutch team defeated Qatar 2:0, securing the first place in the group with two wins and one tie with 7 points.

The picture shows the moment when a Senegal player (left) scored the winning goal

  In another game, Ecuador and Senegal fought to the last minute to qualify.

Senegal, which can enter the knockout round only by winning, finally defeated its opponent 2:1 and reversed to advance.

  The deadlock was broken in the 41st minute.

Ismaila Sarr won a penalty for Senegal, and he personally took the penalty to help the team take the lead.

  Changed sides to fight again, and the promotion situation was reversed twice in just 3 minutes: In the 67th minute, Moises Caicedo used a corner kick to equalize the score, and Ecuador regained the initiative to qualify; in the 70th minute, Coulibaly In the free kick attack, Senegal once again overtook the opponent in instant points.

  In the end, the score of 2:1 was maintained until the end of the game. Senegal ranked second in the group with 6 points and joined hands with the Netherlands to qualify.

Ecuador, with 4 points, was unfortunately out, while the host Qatar suffered a three-game losing streak, but scored its first World Cup goal in team history against Senegal.

Image source: FIFA World Cup official social media

  After the group matches of Group A and Group B are all over, the two groups of matchups in the quarter-finals also follow:

  December 3rd 23:00 Netherlands vs United States

  December 5th at 3:00 England vs Senegal

Image source: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar "Delivery and Inheritance" Organizing Committee official Weibo

  From tonight to tomorrow morning, Beijing time, the final round of four games in Group C and Group D will begin soon.

The four games are: Tunisia vs. France at 23:00 in Group D; Australia vs. Denmark at 23:00 in Group D; Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico at 3:00 in Group C; Poland vs. Argentina at 3:00 in Group C.

  The Argentine team led by Messi will usher in a life and death battle.

The Argentine team currently ranks second in the group with 3 points. They must beat the Poland team led by Lewandowski to ensure their qualification, and the latter only needs a draw to advance.

  Similar to the situation in Argentina, as long as Saudi Arabia beats Mexico, it doesn't need to look at other people's faces.

However, although the Mexican team only has 1 point, they still have hope of qualifying. They need as much goal difference as possible.

  In Group D, although the French team has entered the knockout stage, it has not yet secured the first place in the group, so the situation of the Tunisian team is the most unfavorable.

The winner of the game between Australia and Denmark will most likely advance with the French team.