, December 1. From tonight to tomorrow morning, Beijing time, the final round of four matches between Group E and Group F of the World Cup in Qatar is about to begin.

  The four games are: Canada vs. Morocco at 23:00 in Group F; Croatia vs. Belgium at 23:00 in Group F; Costa Rica vs. Germany at 3:00 in Group E; Japan vs. Spain at 3:00 in Group E.

  In the much-watched Group E, the Spanish team currently ranks first with 4 points and has 7 goal difference.

All it takes is a draw for the Matador Legion to secure their place.

  The Japanese team and the Costa Rica team also fully grasped the initiative to qualify.

As long as they win in the final round, they will definitely be able to enter the knockout round, regardless of the result of another game.

  Although the German team currently only has 1 point, it seems that the possibility of qualifying is the lowest, but as long as they can beat Costa Rica, there is no small hope of advancing.

Because in the case of Germany winning, the Japanese team needs at least a draw with goals before they can compete for the right to qualify.

If the German team fails to win, this traditional powerhouse will lose the group stage for two consecutive World Cups.

  With the Canadian team out early, the Moroccan team almost occupied a place in Group F, and a draw can ensure their advancement.

  This means that it is difficult for the last runner-up Croatia and the third runner-up Belgium to enter the knockout round together.

In contrast, the pressure on the Belgian team is greater. They must beat Croatia in order to hold the initiative in their own hands.