China News Service, Beijing, November 30th (Reporter Wang Hao) In a country with a population of less than 3 million, there is an Internet celebrity with more than 13 million fans?

That's right, this person is the "Little Prince of Qatar" who has recently exploded in China.

Screenshot of the short video platform.

  The World Cup, a football match, is popular among spectators. Why?

It all starts with "dumpling wrappers".

  After the appearance of Raib, the mascot of the World Cup, it can be said that it has received constant praise, especially Chinese netizens like it very much, and gave it the nickname of "dumpling wrapper".

The picture shows the Qatar World Cup mascot debut.

  You know, for the Chinese people whose food is the most important thing for the people, using food as a comparison is a relatively high praise.

In particular, it's not as delicious as dumplings...

  In Arabic, Raib means a highly skilled player, and the design was inspired by the traditional clothing of the Qataris.

  Originally, audiences who don’t know much about Qatar may not have a good idea of ​​the image of this traditional costume. When they saw it on the opening day, did they look so similar?

Isn't the guy in the stands the "dumpling wrapper" who has turned into a human?

A screenshot of the opening game video data.

  In that opening game, Qatar lost to Ecuador and became the first host country in history to lose in the opening game.

Later, in the second round of the group stage, they became the first team in this competition to definitely miss the stage.

  Look at his heartbroken expression for the home team, do fans of some teams feel the same way?

  Ever since the opening match was captured by the camera, this "dumpling wrapper" dude, dubbed "the little prince of Qatar" by netizens, became popular.

  When interviewed by Chinese media, he introduced himself as Abdulrahman Farhad Al-Thani. He just turned 16 last month and is currently in high school. His favorite player is Ronaldo .

  In order to repay the love of Chinese netizens, he also stumbled and said a few words in Chinese. It can be seen that his personality is a relatively lively type, which is really similar to the "dumpling wrappers" that fly around every day.

  "have you eaten?"

  "Didn't eat?"

  "Go home and eat."


  His Chinese is probably taught by cross talk actors.

  Later, the unexpectedly popular "Little Prince of Qatar" entered a short video platform.

As of press time, he has more than 13 million followers.

Screenshot of the short video platform.

  What kind of concept is this, my friends!

Qatar's population is less than 3 million, which is several times worse!

If I followed the way of thinking that everyone often dreams, if each of these more than 13 million fans gave me one yuan, I would become a multimillionaire...

  Flipping through the comment section of "The Little Prince", the style of painting is also quite funny, some asked him to cosplay the mascot again, some asked him to send a message to Neymar, and some were thinking about how to change their resume...

Screenshot of the short video platform.

  In short, it can still be seen that, except for the stadium, the Chinese people have a strong sense of participation in all aspects of this World Cup.

  Chinese netizens pay attention to the "little prince of Qatar", which is somewhat mixed with curiosity about the country of Qatar.

In fact, before this World Cup, Qatar had another major event that surprised the world.

  Some more experienced sports fans may still remember that when Doha, Qatar hosted the Asian Games in 2006, there was also a prince who made people shine.

Doha Asian Games Ignition Ceremony.

Image source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  At the opening ceremony of the Doha Asian Games, Al Thani, a member of the royal family of Qatar, held a torch, drove a horse, climbed on a slippery trail, accompanied by music with a strong Middle Eastern style, and finally lit the main torch stand.

  Even if more than ten years have passed, this scene is still memorable, and many people began to understand the country of Qatar from then on.

  Oh right?

Why do I remember this story when I am only 18? It’s so strange~

  Whether it is the prince who once lit the torch on a horse, or the "little prince" who looks like a "dumpling wrapper" today, they are a vivid carrier for everyone to understand Qatar.

Isn't this the charm of sports?

Let everyone exchange culture and develop friendship together in addition to competitive performance.

  Uh, of course, for Qatar, it would be more perfect if the athletic performance could be better~ (End)