He composed one of the official songs of the competition.

He will perform it on stage.

Gims announced that he will be on stage in Doha, Qatar, for the closing ceremony of the FIFA World Cup on December 18.

While many voices are rising to call for a boycott of the competition, the Congolese rapper has justified his presence on France Inter.

“This deal, Fifa offered it to me a little over two years ago.

We are in a somewhat special setting, it is confinement.

We are deprived of liberty […].

We talk about the World Cup, we talk about singing in front of billions of viewers.

It cannot be refused.

I am a singer”, he justified himself.

.@GIMS will sing at the end of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar: "This deal Fifa offered it to me 2 years ago, it's confinement, we're talking about singing in front of millions of people, it's not don't refuse" #le9h10inter pic.twitter.com/ZxGSeZbAxm

– France Inter (@franceinter) November 30, 2022

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The singer, who is releasing a new album on Friday, performs one of the official World Cup anthems, "Arhabo", in a duet with Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton singer Ozuna.

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