China News Service, December 1st, in the early morning of Beijing time on the 1st, the Qatar World Cup Group D group match ended.

In the match between France and Tunisia, Hazri scored in the 58th minute to help Tunisia beat their opponents 1-0.

  Before the game, the French team had already qualified ahead of schedule.

Although the Tunisian team took all three points, but the Australian team in the same group also won this round.

In the end, the French team joined hands with the Australian team to advance to the round of 16.

Due to the goal difference advantage, the French team ranked first in Group D.

On November 30th, Beijing time, in the third round of Group D of the Qatar World Cup group match, Tunisia's match against France officially kicked off.

The picture shows the game scene.

  At the beginning of the game, the Tunisian team took the lead in finding opportunities.

In the 8th minute, Tunisia took a free kick in the frontcourt, and Gadry scored from the previous point.

Unfortunately, the goal was invalid due to offside.

  In the 34th minute, Tunisian Hazri's long-range shot was saved by French goalkeeper Mandanda.

  In the first half of the game, the Tunisian team had an advantage on the scene, but failed to score a goal.

The two sides entered the second half with 0:0.

  Changing sides to fight again, Tunisia took the lead in rewriting the score on the field.

In the 58th minute, the Tunisian team rushed to the front of the penalty area after a breakthrough in the middle, and Hazri pushed and scored.

Tunisia leads 1:0.

  In the 88th minute, Mbappe, who came off the bench, kicked a shot after breaking through the baseline and was saved by the Tunisian goalkeeper.

  At the end of the game, the French team still created a lot of threats.

In the 8th minute of stoppage time, Griezmann caught the ball and scored angrily in the chaos of the penalty area.

But the referee decided that the ball was offside after reviewing VAR.

  In the end, the Tunisian team defeated the French team 1:0.

So far, the two qualifying teams in Group D of the Qatar World Cup have been determined, namely France and Australia.