Unfortunately, coach Bento, who is from Portugal, will not be able to sit on the bench in the third match against Portugal.

After apologizing that it was his fault that he was sent off, coach Bento announced that he would move forward to the end.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


Bento, who was unable to attend the official press conference after receiving a red card right after the game against Ghana, apologized, saying that it was his fault that he was sent off.

[Paulo Bento/Director of the soccer team: First of all, I'm really sorry for our players.

My behavior (protesting the referee) was really bad.]

He promised to defeat his country, Portugal, saying that the players and coaches could do it even without confidence.

[Paulo Bento/National soccer team coach: Although we were put in a difficult situation, we will not give up and move forward until the last minute of the last game.] As the match against

Portugal could be the last as a Korean coach, he freely confessed his feelings.

He acknowledged Lee Kang-in's talent, saying that ignoring Lee Kang-in was a choice for the



said he was proud to show that his 'build-up soccer', which had been criticized, worked for strong teams as well.

[Paulo Bento/National soccer team coach: At the end of such a long journey, the result is important, but I think the process is also important.]

Will the story of Bentojo, which has continued for four years, end with the Portuguese match, or advance to the round of 16 away ?

Whether we will continue to write new stories or not, the moment to decide our destiny is approaching.

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-ju, editing: Oh Young-taek)