, December 1st. The final round of the Qatar World Cup group stage competition continued on the evening of November 30th, Beijing time.

In the group D contest, the Australian team defeated Denmark 1-0, thus advancing to the round of 16 as the second place in the group.

Australia has also become the first team to enter the knockout round among the six AFC teams that have qualified for the World Cup finals.

Matthew Leckie takes a shot

  Before this round, with the French team already qualifying ahead of schedule, Australia had 3 points, while Denmark had 1 point. Only by winning can the two teams ensure their advancement.

  After the start, the Danish team with fewer points was more active, and they controlled the rhythm of the first half.

In the 14th minute, Andreas Olsen shot high from the penalty area line after receiving a cross from Braithwaite.

Subsequently, the Danish team played offensive cooperation many times, but failed to form a score.

  After changing sides, the Australian team broke the deadlock in the 60th minute.

In the counterattack, Matthew Leckey relied on his personal ability to go straight into the penalty area and scored with a low shot with his left foot.

With this goal, Australia defeated Denmark 1-0 and broke into the World Cup knockout round again after 16 years.


  Although the French team lost 0:1 to Tunisia in the other game, they still ranked first in the group with a goal difference advantage, and the Australian team ranked second.

Australia is the first of the six teams in the AFC to enter the knockout stages of the World Cup finals.