, December 1st, in the early morning of Beijing time on the 1st, the Qatar World Cup Group C matches were all over.

Although Messi missed the penalty kick created by himself, the Argentine team still defeated Poland 2-0 in the crucial battle and qualified as the first in Group C.

Poland ranked second in Group C due to goal difference and advanced to the round of 16.

The picture shows the Argentine player Messi shooting

  In the game against Poland, Argentine coach Scaloni made several adjustments to the starting lineup, including Enzo Fernandez, who scored in the last round, and four others.

The effect of the lineup adjustment was immediate, and the Argentine team's offensive performance was significantly better than the previous two games.

  The first half of the game was almost equivalent to half-time offense and defense. The Argentine team completely controlled the rhythm of the game, constantly creating threats in the opponent's hinterland, and the Polish team was in danger.

The Argentine team had as many as 14 shots in the half, 9 of which were on target, but were resolved one by one by Poland's goalkeeper Szczesny.

  In the 38th minute, Messi was hit in the face by Szczesny while fighting for the top in the penalty area. The referee on duty awarded a penalty kick after reviewing VAR.

However, Messi's penalty kick was saved by Szczesny, and the Argentine team missed the opportunity to lead.

  The Polish team, which was passive in the scene, adjusted their lineup at halftime to try to strengthen the counterattack, but lost the ball and disrupted their deployment.

Only 1 minute into the second half, Molina made a pass from the right, and McAllister followed up and scored from the center, rewriting the score to 1:0.

  After leading the Argentine team played more easily.

In the 67th minute, Enzo Fernandez assisted Alvarez to score, and the Argentine team expanded its advantage 2:0, and the score was maintained until the end.

  With the end of Group C and Group D group matches, the quarter-finals produced two more teams:

  3:00 on December 4th Argentina vs Australia

  December 4th at 23:00 France vs Poland