(Qatar World Cup) The South Korean team regretted losing 2:3 to Ghana, and the prospect of qualifying is bleak

  China News Agency, Doha, November 28th. In the second round of the 2022 World Cup group stage, the South Korean team and the Ghanaian team staged a wonderful duel.

"Tai Chi Tiger" was finally defeated by the opponent 2:3. After two rounds, it only accumulated 1 point, and the prospect of qualifying in the group stage was bleak.

  Ghana, ranked 61st in the world and bottom of the round of 32, are considered the most underrated team in the tournament.

Although there was a huge difference in the rankings of the opponents in the first round, the Ghana team only lost one goal to the favorite Portuguese team led by Cristiano Ronaldo, showing impressive strength.

  South Korea, ranked 28th in the world, drew 0-0 with two-time cup champion Uruguay in their first game, and they are determined to take all three points from their opponents in this campaign.

  For the Ghana team, if they lose this campaign, they will be out early.

If the South Korean team cannot win, there will be little hope of qualifying for the group stage.

In this game that no one can afford to lose, the two teams played a wonderful offense, and both sides contributed a total of 5 goals in the game.

  As soon as the game started, the two sides looked for opportunities in the fast-paced offensive and defensive transitions.

In the 24th minute, the Ghana team took a free kick from the left into the penalty area, and Salisu scored the ball.

The lagging South Korean team then further strengthened the offensive, but good opportunities were hard to find.

In the 34th minute, Jordan Ayew made a cross from the left, Kudus made a precise header and the ball went into the net.

After halftime, Ghana led 2:0.

  The South Korean team made adjustments to the frontcourt players in the second half.

In the 58th minute, Li Gangren, who just came on, sent a precise cross from the left, and Cao Guicheng scored with a header.

Less than 3 minutes later, Li Gangren got the ball in the middle and launched an offensive again. After the ball was adjusted and passed by Sun Xingmin and Kim Jin-soo, Cao Kyu-sung leaped high to overwhelm the opponent's defender, and scored again with a header.

  South Korea's lightning-quick equalizer sent the stadium into a boil over the dramatic turn of events.

  However, the tie lasted less than 10 minutes. Kudus, who had already scored a goal before, received a pass from his teammate and easily pushed and scored the goal when the opponent was unmarked in the penalty area. 3:2, the Ghana team overtook again.

  After that, South Korea counterattacked with all their strength. Facing the intensive defense of the Ghana team, although they formed threatening shots many times, they failed to rewrite the score.

  After this campaign, the Ghanaian team accumulated 3 points and once again ushered in the possibility of qualifying.

South Korea has a difficult road ahead. The next round awaits them is the powerful Portuguese team. The South Korean team will probably stop in the World Cup group stage for 12 consecutive years.