Last season he scored 17 points in 31 games in Dinamo Minsk.

Since then, Mario Kempe has gone without a club, but now it is clear that he is returning to Sweden and the SHL after a total of eight seasons in the KHL, NHL and AHL.

- It feels very good that we have now finished with Mario Kempe for this and next season.

He is a technical player with really good skating.

Which makes us think that he will fit perfectly into our way of playing.

In addition, he has plenty of experience from matches at the international top level, which is an added bonus the longer the season goes on, says Luleå's general manager Stefan "Skuggan" Nilsson in a press release.

Mario Kempe, who played WC for Tre Kronor as late as 2021, has signed a contract that extends this season and next.

- After a good dialogue, it feels great to make a move north again and become part of Luleå Hockey, which I understand has something good going on and which I would like to be a part of.

In addition, it will be fun to be part of a team again and to start training and playing matches again.