<Reporter Kim Young-seong>

Our players, such as Kim Min-jae, Hwang In-beom, and Kim Jin-su, endured injuries and played.

Even though their heads were bleeding and their mouths were torn, the players burned their fighting spirit, saying, "There is no time to be sick."

Reporter Lee Jung-chan covered the story.


Kim Min-jae, who injured his calf muscle in the game against Uruguay, endured the pain and went ahead with the start.

He sprinted 39 times with a sore leg and faced the fast-footed Ghana attacking team.

Even as he sat down and stood up repeatedly, he recorded the fastest speed in the team, and poured everything until he was replaced with Kwon Kyung-won in the second half of extra time.

In 1998, Lim-saeng Lee and Hwang Seon-hong's 'Bandage Fighting Spirit' in 2002 were also reenacted.

Hwang In-beom injured his head during the competition and ran with a bandage as blood flowed.

As soon as the bandage became loose due to the intense action, he took it off and ran more than the first game, limping his leg, and covered the longest distance in the team, and could not hold back tears after the unfortunate defeat.

[Hwang In-beom/Soccer team midfielder: I don't think I had time to get sick.

I just really did it because I was immersed in the game like that.

I think it's unfortunate that we didn't get a result.]

Kim Jin-soo, who suffered a torn inner lip from a collision with an opponent, tried his best to make up for the loss.

He penetrated deep into the opponent's camp and scored Cho Kyu-sung's equalizer, but the joy was short-lived.

Seven minutes later, after conceding the winning goal, I bowed my head in heavy responsibility.

[Kim Jin-soo/Football team defender: It hurts a little to talk.

I think that hurts the most because I thought I couldn't help the team.] It

was a game with a lot of scars.

Nevertheless, our players remembered the 'Miracle of Kazan' four years ago and pledged to do their best until the end.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Kang Kyung-rim)