Yesterday (28th), there was a controversy over handball, the first goal our Taegeuk Warriors conceded to Ghana, but it was eventually recognized as a goal.

The reason is the revised handball rules.

Let's find out together through the article.

In the 24th minute of yesterday's match, Ghana's Mohamed Salisu scored the first goal in a head-to-head match.

However, just before the goal was scored, there was a scene where the ball hit the arm of Ghana striker Andre IU.

The video was reviewed, but Ghana's goal was recognized as it was.

The reason is the revised rules of the International Football Council last year.

In the new rule, it is written that 'if a ball accidentally hit in the hand or arm leads to a goal by a teammate, no foul is committed'.

It seems that what was confirmed in the video review was not whether the ball hit IU's arm, but the intentionality of the process.

Of course, even in the revised rules, even if there was no intention, the goal is not recognized if the ball is scored directly by the hand or arm.