<Anchor> Cho Kyu-

seong broke the net in his first World Cup and has now become a player that is showing interest in Europe.

He was a little skinny just a few years ago, but after growing up in Sangmu, he has grown into a more powerful striker.

This is reporter Kim Bo-mi.

<Reporter> In

his World Cup debut, Cho Kyu-seong played 20 minutes in the second half.

He started to be noticed for his menacing shooting and passionate play.

As domestic and foreign followers flocked to his personal SNS, which had 20,000 before the game, the number exceeded 260,000 in one day, and as he scored multiple goals in the start of the second game, the number of followers has now exceeded 1.4 million.

On social media, overseas soccer fans posted comments such as 'Who is Korea's number 9' and 'My favorite player is number 9'.

[Yejin Lee · Eunseo Jo/Seocho-gu, Mapo-gu, Seoul: I was surprised that he was so handsome when he came out after being replaced in the game against Uruguay.

Who is that player to my brother?

(So ​​did you take a sticker photo?) Yes, I just took one.]

[Nam Hyun-ho/Washington, USA: After this World Cup, I think I will become a superstar like Ahn Jung-hwan.

We are the generation of Ahn Jung-hwan players.]

Cho Kyu-seong, who grew up with a football-loving father and a volleyball player mother, started playing soccer in the 3rd grade of elementary school at the recommendation of his father.

After attending Anyang Technical High School and Gwangju University, he made his professional debut in 2019 at K League 2 FC Anyang.

Although he was called 'anchovy' for his 189cm tall and 78kg skinny physique, while enlisting in Kimcheon Sangmu, he improved his physique through diet and exercise, and gained about 8kg.

[Cho Kyu-seong/soccer team striker (last August): I think I'm a little small.

There is also a lot of fighting.

Before bulking up, I was wondering if I should bump this a little more or not, and if I took it off, let's just bump it now.]

As famous European clubs are known to be keeping an eye on him, it seems that the Cho Kyu-seong syndrome will continue at home and abroad.

(Video coverage: Gong Jin-goo, Video editing: Lee Seung-jin)