With the whistle of the referee, the game between England and the United States ran out of time.

Turn off the live broadcast, there is no noisy background sound from the stadium, and the city outside the window is still sleeping. The sixth match day of the Qatar World Cup ended peacefully like this.

  Wait a minute, calm?

  Looking at the documents and pictures all over the computer screen, Xiaoxin's heart began to be overwhelmed.

In the second round of Group B of the Qatar World Cup group stage, the Iranian team defeated Wales 2-0 and won the first victory of this World Cup.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  Reversal, lore, Ragnarok, youth storm... The exciting factors of the World Cup spread to every corner with the TV broadcast, touching you and him.

  Why without me?

  Because "I" is editing the manuscript...

  I can't count how many times I have reversed, let the prepared manuscript be overturned and restarted; I can't count how many lore, I have pressed the manuscript that is ready to be published, and I have to deal with the care of the leader, Teacher Lu, while making urgent revisions cu.

(The reviewer, Mr. Lu, said that the mood is stable at this time)

  The veteran's curtain call took away the youth of the audience, and also took away the hair volume of the editor; the teenagers were in high spirits in the World Cup, we could only cover our faces and say: "I really can't love anymore", and then began to conceive the character draft.

  It is said that "Youth is only a few World Cups", Xiaoxin just wants to say "Fortunately, only a few World Cups",

  This World Cup is too unfriendly to editors.

The following text, if I write too much, I will cry...

Croatian player Modric.


  Time: 18:00, November 22, Beijing time

  Match: Argentina VS Saudi Arabia

  Two months ago, the 35-year-old Messi admitted in an interview with the media that this will be his last World Cup.

"I confirm", when these three words came out of his mouth, the World Cup in Qatar was destined to be endowed with an unusual meaning.

  The attention to Messi reached its peak before Argentina's debut.

Fans look back on Messi's career and remember the days when they followed in his footsteps.

So Xiaoxin secretly made up his mind that he must write a touching article that will move you to tears.

Messi warming up before the game.

  "When the end of the era is embodied into a game that can be watched, when all the tragedy reaches its peak, when all the sacrifices turn into the only chance, and the veteran blows the horn of the final charge, if victory comes, it will be like an animation. Passion naturally becomes the expectation of the fans.

  Because of this, when we are looking forward to Messi, we may be looking forward to and looking for the romance that belongs to the football field outside the ordinary real life.

And his 'loneliness', his 'unwillingness', and his all-out efforts are also more attractive due to the blessing of the World Cup.


  The feeling is coming, the feeling of sore nose is coming!

  "Messi and Ronaldo, the two peerless twins who have ruled the world football for more than ten years, also represent the afterglow of the era of stars. In the hearts of many fans, their persistence is a "declaration of war" against collectivism. Their Leaving also means that the memory of a generation of green grass has come to the time of waking up.

  'Football, better than ever?

'This question that has been entangled in world football for nearly half a century still has no answer; but'Will there be another Messi?

'The answer to this question must be no.

Because of this, when we are still looking forward to Messi, we may be paying tribute to the lonely hero, and to the last idealism that belongs to football.


  The hand typing on the keyboard stopped, because there seemed to be a crystal liquid slipping from the eye socket,

  It is said that tears are the highest state of writing.

On November 22, local time, in the first round of the first round of Group C of the World Cup in Qatar, Argentina's match against Saudi Arabia officially started. This is also Messi's fifth World Cup debut.



  Who would have thought that the Argentina team led by Messi would be able to capsize in the face of Saudi Arabia, which is ranked 51 in the world.

In the second half, they scored two goals in a row and successfully counterattacked. Saudi Arabia won beautifully, while Argentina lost poorly.

  So, when Xiaoxin handed over the manuscript to the leader, the situation was like this:

  "What is this?"

  "Messi's Feeling Draft"

  "What about the press release?"

  "What press release"

  "Saudi Arabia's upset press release"

  "But he's Messi!"

  "So you didn't write it?"

  "But he's May..."

  "Can't even write a message?"

  "Okay, I will seriously reflect on it."

  The lost Messi summed up the gains and losses of the game with his teammates in the locker room. In front of the computer screen, I looked at the written manuscript and felt the same way as him.

  "Ding dong", mobile phone message push - "Messi accepts an interview: There is no excuse for losing, and everything happens for a reason. We must return to the original point and consider how to proceed to the next step."

  A voice inside the editor growled: "Messi, I understand you!"

  What you lost was just three points and the right to qualify, but what I lost was three real work points!

God of football, let the storm come harder!

I do have a cow...


  Time: 21:00, November 23, Beijing time

  Match: Japan VS Germany

  Before the opening of the World Cup, Japanese team coach Mori Hoichi once said that the goal of the team's trip is to break into the quarter-finals in history.

But being in the "death group" with world champions Germany and Spain makes the outside world not optimistic about their prospects.

  As the saying goes, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. Especially in the first half, the German team was besieging the Japanese team's goal. A defeat seemed to be doomed, and a draft of the German team's victory was gradually taking shape in Xiaoxin's file.

  "Wait a minute, penalty kick, suppression, where did you see this scene? If you're not sure, look again."

On November 23, local time, in the first match of the first round of Group E of the World Cup group stage, the match between the German team and the Japanese team started.

The picture shows the German players celebrating a goal.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  Tang Anlu, who came off the bench, scored a goal, "My God, hurry up and prepare another manuscript for the draw."

  Takuma Asano volleyed and scored, "Leader, is it okay to replace Germany in the manuscript with Japan? Then I will change it."

  Just 5 minutes later...

  Leader: "Is it changed? We're all waiting!" Me: "Immediately (the keyboard hits sparks, don't rush)"

  After submitting the manuscript, looking at the unread messages on WeChat, I suddenly feel that I have survived the catastrophe.

  Attached link: "The Japanese team is also crazy!"

2 to 1 reversal of Germany!


  (Who would have thought that this is a manuscript that has been revised for three editions, Asian football is driving me crazy)


  Time: 21:00, November 24th, Beijing time

  Match: South Korea VS Uruguay

  The World Cup returns to Asia after a lapse of 20 years. Asian football experienced a defeat at the beginning of this tournament, and then staged surprises of reversing the world championship one after another, giving the outside world the hope of revitalization.

On November 24, Beijing time, in the first round of the first round of Group H of the World Cup group stage, Uruguay's match against South Korea officially started.

  On the evening of the 24th, Beijing time, the last Asian team to appear in the World Cup in Qatar, the South Korean team, finally made its debut amid much anticipation.

The performance of the South Korean team is also related to what kind of answers the Asian teams submit in the first round of the group stage.

  As the saying goes, you never know which one will come first, the topic selection or tomorrow. Before the start of the competition, the familiar WeChat message prompt tone brought a plan.

  Leader: "According to the performance of the Korean team, write an analysis of the first round of Asian football."

  "Received", Xiaoxin responded to the work arrangement, and typed the title "Asian football has really become stronger" in the document

South Korea vs. Uruguay.

  Inner OS at that time:

  "If the South Korean team wins, then Asian football will have the best record in the first round of the World Cup group stage. Let's see how I write about the magnificent development of Asian football.

  From standing on the stage of the World Cup for the first time in 1938, to North Korea breaking into the quarter-finals in 1966, to the best record in history in 2002, breakthroughs, breakthroughs, all breakthroughs;

  From 1950 when India was forced to withdraw from the sneaker brand by FIFA, from 1978 to 1990 without a single victory, to the 2014 World Cup when all four teams were defeated and eliminated from the group, unwilling, unwilling, only unwilling!


  However, it turns out that Xiaoxin is indeed very stable in terms of predictions.

After 90 minutes, the South Korean team drew with Uruguay, and they could only silently add a question mark after the title.

  Attached link: "Let's calmly say, is the strong team getting weaker, or is Asian football getting stronger?"


  (Let’s just say, as of press time, I’ve really calmed down)


  Time: 18:00, November 25th, Beijing time

  Match: Iran vs Wales

  In the second round of the group stage, Iran played against Wales. If the Persian Cavalry, who lost in the first show, did not win another victory, it would be very likely that they would fall in the World Cup group stage for the sixth time.

  But they took the initiative on the field, but they still failed to knock on the opponent's door, including hitting the goal post twice, which can be said to be only one step away from the goal.

  Leader: "If the game is boring, you have to watch it, and if you have any inspiration, you have to write."

  Me: "Why are the goalposts thicker in Wales than in Iran?"

  In the end, the Iranian team, which never gave up, scored two consecutive goals in stoppage time, took all three points and continued to maintain the hope of qualifying for the group.

  In all fairness, Wales' overall strength is weak, and this game did not play a decisive role in qualifying for the group. Two stoppage time goals can only be said to be the only bright spot of this game.

  But it never occurred to me that he still couldn't escape.

  So, there is this article that you are seeing now.

  This is what Ben Xiaoxin experienced

  Thrilling first week of the World Cup

  "Football is round"

  And this heartbeat feeling

  That's where its charm lies

  Although Xiaoxin's heart is broken

  But Xiaoxin asks for forwarding, likes, and double-clicking the little red heart's heart is also sincere

  Next World Cup Journey

  Xiaoxin looks forward to continuing to guard with you!

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