Coach Luis Fernando Suarez of the Costa Rica national team, who will face the Japanese national team in the World Cup Qatar soccer tournament, held an official press conference on the 26th and said, "I'm going to show the best play" for the next day's match. talked.

In their first match against Spain in the first round, Costa Rica lost seven goals as their solid defense was broken, and the offense failed to take a single shot throughout the match, resulting in a complete loss.

On the 26th, one day before the second match of the first league match against Japan, Costa Rica coach Suarez attended an official press conference with forward Joel Campbell.

Coach Suarez looked back on the first match against Spain, saying, ``We should never forget what happened, but we can take it as an opportunity to make adjustments.''

As for the match against Japan, he said, ``Japan played a very good match against Germany and won.

After that, he said, ``I want to play against Japan in the best condition, and we will face the game in the best condition.

Also, Campbell said, "I will give 100% effort to grab victory. It will not be easy, but the hope of advancing to the final tournament has not disappeared."