It was probably really him, the demigod by the name of Cristiano, who ran through the so-called mixed zone of Stadium 974 on Thursday evening.

But that is by no means certain in this World Cup of illusions and deceptions, where it is not even entirely clear whether the FIFA President is Swiss, Italian, gay, African or a migrant worker.

Or is it a monster?

The image of the journalists who turned the mixed zone into a fan zone after the match between Portugal and Ghana by asking Ronaldo for selfies instead of asking questions is also blurred.

A lot lies in the fog beyond the usual reality at this World Cup.

Anyone who watched the Germany game against Japan on Qatari television was given the impression that the best World Cup atmosphere prevailed here thanks to an atmospheric soundscape with continuous singing.

Earwitnesses in the stadium heard the players shouting because it was so quiet and desolate.

The "publicity stunt" for which Qatar's labor minister announced plans to set up a compensation fund for the families of deceased migrant workers is old hat.

They rant about the most enduring World Cup of all time, only to fly fans in and, despite the meanwhile pleasant temperatures, cool down every toilet like a fridge.

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf returned from a visit to Qatar earlier this month with the news that more than 90 per cent of tickets have been sold, with many thousands of seats empty for most games.

Hard facts are quite flexible in this fata morgana, which is called the World Cup, which also gives hope: Maybe this alleged defeat of the DFB-Elf against Japan is also just a fake to really wipe out these exhausting Germans.