On the 14th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament in Kyushu, Takayasu, who stood alone at the top of the contender for the championship with two losses, will face Teru who has four losses in the same flat curtain.

On the 25th, the 13th day of the Kyushu Tournament, Takayasu won against Oho, who had lined up with two losses. .

Takayasu, who is aiming for his first win, will face Teru, who has four losses, on the 26th, the 14th day.

This is the first meeting since last year's first tournament, and so far Takayasu has won 3 wins and 1 loss.

In this match, Takayasu took the lead with a kick-up, and in addition to his specialty thrusting, he showed a throw with a four-legged attack, and has won many wins with a wide range of offense.

Teruaki also has a strong tachiai at this place, but as for Takayasu, he wants to bring it to an advantage with a strong tachiai.

The four 3-defeat wrestlers will go head-to-head against Takakeisho and Wang Peng,

and Hoshoryu and Aen


Takakeisho and Wang Peng will meet for the first time, and for Wang Peng, it will be the first major battle.

Hoshoryu and Aen have faced each other four times in the past, with Hoshoryu winning all of them.

If Hoshoryu can get the mawashi, he will have an advantage, and Aen will have a chance to win if he stays away from start to finish and wins sumo.