The International Football Federation (FIFA) has decided to allow rainbow hats and flags to be brought into the stadium from the second leg of the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage, meaning 'non-discrimination against sexual minorities'.

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) said, "Welsh fans can enter the stadium with rainbow hats and flags from the second leg of the Group B match against Iran." FIFA has allowed this. there is," he said.

The Wales national team will face Iran at the Al Rayyan Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar on the 25th at 7pm Korean time.

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In the first game against the United States at the same place on the 22nd, rainbow outfits were banned.

At the time, members of Wales' Rainbow Wall, a group that supports sexual minorities, and Welsh fans visited the stadium with rainbow hats and flags, but security officers stopped them, saying, "Rainbow costumes are 'unacceptable symbols'."

Laura McAllister, former Welsh women's football representative, revealed that "a large security guard said, 'You have to take your hat off to enter. You can't wear that hat on the field.'"

Grant Wall, a football journalist working on CBS in the United States, also said, "I tried to enter the stadium wearing a rainbow-colored T-shirt, but I was restrained by safety agents for about 30 minutes."

Qatar criminalizes homosexuality and has been criticized for violating the human rights of sexual minorities.

(Photo = Welsh Football Association website capture, Yonhap News)