(Qatar World Cup) Cristiano Ronaldo sets a record, Portugal takes the first victory, Richarlison scores two goals, and Brazil gets off to a good start

  China News Agency, Beijing, November 25th (Reporter Wang Zumin) On the morning of the 25th Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup ended the first round of the group stage, and the top 32 appeared.

Cristiano Ronaldo and the Brazilian team, who made their final appearances, lived up to expectations. The former became the first player in history to score in five cups, and the latter started the "six-star" journey with a victory.

  The South Korean team, the last Asian team to play in this cup, lived up to expectations and drew 0:0 with the two-time cup champion Uruguay.

So far, the 6 teams in the Asian region have 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in the first round.

With the defeats of Cameroon and Ghana, none of the five African teams that played in this cup had a win in the first round.

On November 24, Beijing time, in the first round of the first round of Group G of the World Cup in Qatar, the Swiss team played against Cameroon officially started.

The Swiss team got off to a good start by beating Cameroon 1-0 with an opening goal in the second half.

The picture shows the moment when the Swiss team (red) scored a goal.

  Switzerland 1:0 Cameroon

  The low-key and pragmatic Swiss team once again reaped a low-key and pragmatic victory.

  It is the 12th time to enter the finals, 3 times to enter the top 8, and the last two consecutive rounds of 16. The Swiss team has a good record in the World Cup, and the current world ranking of 15th is not too low.

However, due to the lack of big-name players and the belief in "pragmatism", the "Crusaders" have a very low sense of existence among the European giants.

As the first veteran African team to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the "African Lions" Cameroon team has fallen asleep in recent years and is currently ranked 43rd in the world.

  At the beginning of this campaign, the Cameroon team took the lead in entering the state. Many threatening attacks made the Swiss team slightly passive in the first half, but the "Crusaders" who are good at defense tried to keep the goal.

  Soon after the start of the second half, the Swiss team finally waited for the opportunity.

Ligue 1 Monaco striker Embolo received a wonderful pass from his teammate and scored with a push to give Switzerland a 1-0 lead.

But after the goal, Embolo did not celebrate as usual, because the Swiss star was born in Cameroon 25 years ago.

  Under the strict defense of the Swiss team, the Cameroon team failed to score a goal in subsequent massive counterattacks, and the score of 1:0 was maintained until the final whistle.

  In this contest between the "spear" of Africa and the "shield" of Europe, the Swiss team's "clock-like" rigor and accuracy, and the Cameroon team's "African Lion"'s roughness and boldness were fully demonstrated.

The Cameroon team also told the world that the "African Lion" is waking up with this winning game.

On November 24, local time, the first round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Group H match between Uruguay and South Korea was held at the Education City Stadium in Doha, Qatar. Uruguay drew with South Korea 0:0.

The picture shows Korea's No. 19 Kim Young-kwon (right) and Uruguay's No. 11 Darwin Nunes fighting in the match.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  Uruguay 0:0 South Korea

  A close game brought a close result. This is also the fourth zero-goal game in this cup.

In fact, the world rankings differ by as much as 14 places, with two-time World Cup champions Uruguay in 14th and South Korea in 28th.

  Because the Saudi team and the Japanese team defeated the Argentine team and the German team respectively, the outside world is full of expectations for the last South Korean team to play in the Asian region of this cup.

  Son Heung-min, the number one star of the South Korean team and top scorer in the Premier League, who just underwent brow bone surgery in early November, started the game wearing a mask.

Although the injury affected Sun Xingmin's performance, the South Korean team played proactively and had an advantage in possession time.

The Uruguayan team led by the 35-year-old veteran Suarez seemed a bit "old", but the victory was experienced, created many threatening opportunities, and hit the post with a shot in the second half.

  Although missed all 3 points, but for the South Korean team, this is already a good result.

In the last cup match, "Tai Chi Tiger" beat the defending champion Germany 2:0. This campaign draws with the veteran team Uruguay, which has shown its ability to compete with the world's top teams.

On November 24, local time, the first round match between Portugal and Ghana in Group H of the World Cup group stage started at Stadium 974. The Portuguese team was led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandez, Bernardo Silva and others played.

Ronaldo helped Portugal take the lead through a penalty kick, and he also became the first player in history to score in five consecutive World Cups.

Felix and Leo of the Portuguese team and Andre Ayew and Bucari of the Ghanaian team also scored goals in this game. In the end, Portugal narrowly won 3:2 and got a good start.

The picture shows the game scene.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  Portugal 3:2 Ghana

  Ronaldo lived up to expectations!

The Portuguese star rewrote a record in Qatar, becoming the first player to score in five consecutive World Cups.

  Because Ghana, ranked 61st in the world, is at the bottom of the top 32, the outside world is optimistic that Portugal will win this campaign with a big score.

In fact, this game has also become a scoring drama, but it is not a one-man show of the Portuguese team, but a "two-man turn" between Portugal and Ghana.

  This goal battle took more than an hour to pave the way, and finally the much-anticipated Ronaldo broke the deadlock.

  In the 64th minute, Ronaldo was tripped by an opposing player in the penalty area and got a penalty kick. He took the penalty and hit it steadily, helping Portugal lead 1:0 with a historic goal.

But only 8 minutes later, the Ghana team scored an equalizer from Andre Ayew.

Subsequently, Felix and Leon scored 1 goal each in 3 minutes, extending Portugal's lead to 3:1.

  Just when everyone thought the game was over and the Portuguese team replaced Ronaldo and other scoring heroes, the Ghanaian substitute player Bukari scored with a header in the 88th minute, rewriting the score to 2:3.

In stoppage time, the Ghana team almost succeeded in a "sneak attack" and equalized the score.

  Cristiano Ronaldo's goal and the Portuguese team's victory make people talk about it, but Ghana's performance in this campaign deserves more respect.

This new African army, which only made its World Cup debut in 2006, fell into a trough after advancing to the quarterfinals in 2010.

Today, they have proved with their impressive strength and tenacious fighting spirit that the "African Star" may shine again.

On November 25, Beijing time, the final match of the first round of the Qatar World Cup group stage was held. The favorite Brazil team faced Serbia.

In this game, the Brazilian team scored twice with Richarlison, and the five-star Brazil defeated Serbia 2:0, ushering in a good start.

Richarlison's second goal, scored with a sideways barb, was particularly impressive and could be regarded as the best goal of the start of the game so far.

The picture shows the Brazilian team's barb shot and scored the second goal of the game.

  Brazil 2:0 Serbia

  The "Five-Star Brazil", which made its finale appearance in this cup, refused to be unpopular.

The 25-year-old Tottenham striker Richarlison scored twice in the Premier League, including the second goal scored by a sideways volley barb, which can be called a super world wave.

  Facing the 21st-ranked Serbia team in the world, it is reasonable for the international football hegemony Brazil to win.

But before there was the "curse" of "hotness must die", and then there were two big giants in Argentina and Germany "overturned". Whether the biggest favorite Brazil was upset has also become a highlight of this campaign.

  After the start of the game, the situation on the field once made the Brazilian fans fearful. The "Samba Legion" gained momentum and failed to score, and the two sides scored a goalless goal in the first half.

  The turning point of this campaign came after the 60th minute.

In a smooth cooperation of the Brazilian team, Richarlison, who was ambushing in front of the goal, scored a follow-up shot after his teammate's shot was blocked, helping the Brazilian team lead 1:0.

Only 11 minutes later, Tottenham's "killer" attacked again. After receiving a pass from his teammate in the penalty area, he half-turned and volleyed with a side hook. Brazil team 2:0.

  Subsequently, the Brazilian team had several threatening opportunities, but they failed to expand the results.

The "Samba Legion" started the journey of chasing the "six stars" in Qatar with a complete victory in the first show.