, Beijing, November 25th. Beijing time last night and this morning, the Qatar World Cup entered the fifth day of the group stage, with a total of four games.

Portugal, led by five-star Brazil and Ronaldo, both got off to a good start, with Brazil beating Serbia 2:0 and Portugal narrowly beating Ghana 3:2.

  Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was the well-deserved focus of this matchday. He once again rewrote football history and became the first player to score in five consecutive World Cups.

  This is the 37-year-old Ronaldo's fifth World Cup campaign. His previous best result was reaching the semi-finals with the team.

When he sang the national anthem before the game, tears filled his eyes after galloping on the field for many years.

  Portugal and Ghana scored a goalless draw in the first half of the campaign.

In the 62nd minute of the game, a Ghanaian player fouled Ronaldo in the penalty area.

Ronaldo hit a penalty kick created by himself, and the historical record was rewritten.

  Starting with Ronaldo's shot, in just 24 minutes, the two teams scored five goals, and the score was rewritten from 0:0 to 3:2.

  In stoppage time, the Ghana team had a chance to equalize the score, but the "careless" Portuguese goalkeeper Diego Costa almost made a "huge, super super" low-level error.

  However, Ghana striker Iniaki Williams also played a comedian, good at lurking but not good at sneaking, and he used a slip to protect Diego Costa's face.

  The score of 3:2 was maintained until the end, the Portuguese team won the first victory without any risk, and Ronaldo, who made history, was elected the best player of the game.

  Ronaldo said after the game, "We achieved an important victory in our debut, but this is only the first step. We will still focus on achieving our goals, come on Portugal!"

The picture shows Ronaldo celebrating with one arm pointing to the sky.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  In another Group G match, Switzerland edged out Cameroon 1-0 thanks to Embolo's goal.

Shanghai Shenhua's foreign aid Bassogo failed to play in this campaign.

  The goalpost was hit twice by the opponent. The lucky South Korean team drew a 0-0 draw with the South American powerhouse Uruguay in the H group match and scored a valuable point.

Sun Zhunhao, who plays for Shandong Taishan in the Chinese Super League, came off the bench in the 73rd minute of the game. This is the debut of an active Chinese Super League player in this World Cup.

The picture shows No. 7 Sun Xingmin (red) of the Korean team breaking through with the ball in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  Throughout the game, the South Korean team failed to create absolute scoring opportunities, and the number one star in Asia, Sun Xingmin, who wore a mask to play, also performed mediocrely.

So far, the 6 teams under the AFC have achieved two wins, one draw and three losses in the first round. The two winning teams are Saudi Arabia and Japan.

  The last match of the first round of the group stage was between Brazil and Serbia. This is also the first show of the five-star Brazil in this World Cup.

  Facing Serbia with strong physical fitness, the Brazilian team has mastered the trend of the game, and the rhythm is completely controlled by the Samba Army.

Although Serbia defended the first half with difficulty, as the game progressed, their defense became loose after the players' physical fitness declined.

The picture shows the Brazilian team's barb shot and scored the second goal of the game.

  With Richarlison's brace, the Brazilian team finally defeated their opponents 2:0 and ushered in a good start.

Richarlison's second goal, a sideways barb, was particularly impressive and could be regarded as the best goal of the start of the game so far.

  So far, the top 32 of this World Cup have all appeared.

Judging from the content of the game, compared with England and France whose defense is not strong enough, Spain with a relatively young lineup and other favorites to win the championship, the Brazilian team that appeared last has the most championship appearance.

Image source: 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar "Delivery and Inheritance" Organizing Committee official Weibo

  From tonight to tomorrow morning, Beijing time, the second round of the group stage is about to start, and the competition between Group A and Group B will start first.

The four games are as follows:

  Wales played against Iran at 18:00 in Group B; Qatar played against Senegal at 21:00 in Group A; Netherlands played against Ecuador at 00:00 in Group A; England played against the United States at 3:00 in Group B.

  The traditional powerhouses Holland and England will make their debut again on this match day. Both teams won in the first round.

  Should England beat the United States, the Three Lions will advance a round ahead regardless of the outcome of the other game in this group.

If the Dutch team beats Ecuador with 3 points, the prospect of promotion will be very bright.

  Iran, Qatar, and Senegal, which lost in the first round, are all facing a last stand. If they lose again, they may lose their qualifications for qualifying in advance.

Qatar, in particular, is now likely to take over the baton of "worst host" from South Africa in 2010, whose opening game loss has put the team in World Cup history in rather poor fashion.

  "Qatar World Cup's first out team", this embarrassing title no one wants to get, but it is likely to be produced on this match day.