The picture shows the Japanese team celebrating their victory.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  China News Service, Doha, November 23 (Reporter Bian Liqun and Wang Xi) In the first round of the Qatar World Cup group match on the afternoon of the 23rd local time, the Japanese team defeated the German fans 2:1.

Following the previous Saudi team's 2:1 reversal of the Argentine team, Asian football has further won the World Cup.

  The moment the Japanese team scored a goal, and the moment when the bench rushed into the field to celebrate collectively after the game, Xiaoxin was shocked at the scene.

For Japanese football, this is a victory that can be recorded in history.

Asian football has also further found a winning strategy and method against European teams.

The victory on the field belongs to the Japanese fans, and the same is true off the field. The die-hard Japanese fans in the stands put garbage into big bags and took them away from the field before leaving the field.

The Japanese fans behind the reporter took away the entire row of rubbish before leaving the field.

Today's Khalifa International Stadium belongs to Japanese football, congratulations to Japanese fans.