(Qatar World Cup) Embolo helped Switzerland beat Cameroon with one goal and suffered an eight-game losing streak

  China News Agency, Doha, November 24th (Reporter Wang Xi) In the match between Switzerland and Cameroon in the World Cup group match on the 24th, with the only goal of the head star Embolo, the Swiss team beat their opponents 1-0 .

  This game is called the duel between "Saber" and "Lion". Cameroon, the five-time African Cup champion, has entered the World Cup finals for the eighth time and is one of the most experienced teams in the African continent.

In the four World Cups from 2006 to 2018, the Swiss team has broken through the group three times, and has maintained a complete victory in the first game of the group stage. Its strength should not be underestimated.

  It is worth mentioning that Embolo, the main striker of the Swiss team, was born in Cameroon, which also makes this game very interesting.

Before the game, he said, "Besides the Swiss team, the team I support the most is Cameroon. I hope that the Swiss team will be the first in the group and Cameroon will be the second. This is my wish."

  Since there are Brazil and Serbia in the same group, the two sides who are both aiming to win this game did not play conservatively, and the offensive and defensive rhythm was relatively fast, but neither scored a goal. The two teams ended the first half with a goalless draw. Contest.

  After changing sides to fight again, the Swiss team suddenly accelerated at the beginning and achieved results. Embolo received a wonderful pass from Shaqiri in the 48th minute to help the Swiss team break the deadlock.

After the goal, Embolo was as calm as water, without any celebration.

  The lagging Cameroon team counterattacked vigorously. The main striker Choupo Moting repeatedly created opportunities to threaten the Swiss team's goal, but failed to score. The score of 1:0 was maintained until the end.

  With the end of the game, the Cameroon team has suffered an eight-game losing streak in the World Cup, which is only one step away from the record of the Mexico team's nine-game losing streak in the World Cup.

Since the opponent in the next round will be the favorite to win the title, Brazil, the Cameroon team may be "more or less fortunate".