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▲ 2022 Qatar World Cup Brazil national team final list

The 'Alan Turing Institute', a British data science and artificial intelligence (AI) lab, has pointed to 'Brazil

' as the expected country to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar


On the 22nd local time, the UK's Alan Turing Institute announced that as a result of 100,000 simulations, Brazil won 25,000 times.

This corresponds to 25% of the overall result, and as predicted by artificial intelligence (AI), the winner of this World Cup in Qatar is most likely to go to Brazil.

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After that, ▲Belgium ▲Argentina ▲France ▲England ▲Spain ▲Netherlands ▲Denmark ▲Portugal ▲Croatia were predicted to be highly likely to win the World Cup in the order.

The Alan Turing Institute announced that it has used A-match results as data since the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup based on AIrsenal, a machine learning manager algorithm, and 'Dixon & Coles', a football prediction model created in 1997. It explained that the included continental tournaments, qualifiers and friendly matches were given less weight (importance) and more recent matches were given more weight.

However, the research team added that there were elements in the results that could not be captured in the data, such as weather, time zone adaptation, and individual players' abilities, adding, "Don't bet money on our predictions."

While artificial intelligence (AI) joins the “prediction” that pours out every four years, such as the fortune teller Paul the octopus and the curse of Pele, the World Cup heats up. The company Nielsen Gracenote also had unexpected results.

(Photo = Brazil Football Association website capture, Yonhap News, Alan Turing Institute)