In this tournament, more goals than ever are canceled.

The state-of-the-art offside reading system is now changing the course of the match by capturing areas that the human eye could not see.

This is Reporter Jeong Hee-don.


The semi-automatic offside system using as many as 12 tracking cameras and a special sensor installed on the soccer ball showed amazing power as soon as it was introduced in this competition.

Excluding the arm, which is the reference point for offside, the position of the torso and feet were accurately compared, and the decision was made without error even in a situation where it seemed impossible to judge with the naked eye.

[SBS Crew: The scene of catching the shoulder seams was really great.]

[SBS Crew: How do I get that? Wow!

It's amazing.]

In particular, in the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, Argentina's three goals, starting with Messi, were canceled for offside, setting a record of an offside hat-trick, which had a great impact on Saudi Arabia causing a catastrophe in the second half.

[Scaloni/Argentina coach: Our preparation to break through Saudi Arabia by a few millimeters has become useless due to advanced technology.] Some

point out that it is pouring cold water on the enthusiastic atmosphere after scoring a goal, but the offside controversy is caused by an accurate decision. It is evaluated that the players have removed the noise of the game by naturally accepting the cancellation of the goal.

[Jang Ji-hyeon/SBS commentator: There are situations that significantly reduce the offside reading time and are difficult to visually check, but a detailed situation has been created that can catch even that part.]

Experts say that an accurate semi-automatic offside system can even change team tactics, and the strong team is In order to avoid the system, on the contrary, the weak team expected to make various attempts to take full advantage of the system.

(Video editing: Park Ki-duk)