History of the World Cup

The dog Pickles won the 1966 World Cup

Pickles, the dog, found the World Cup in his owner's yard.


The theft of the original copy of the World Cup during the tournament hosted by Britain in 1966 constituted an incident that prompted FIFA later to raise the level of coordination between it and the security services in the host countries in order to provide the necessary protection for the cup to avoid the incident that occurred in that version, which caused great embarrassment to the police. The British capital, London, before a dog accidentally found it in the yard of its owner's house.

The details go back to a few months before the start of the competitions of that version, specifically on March 20, 1966 when the cup disappeared from the Public Exhibition Hall in the Westminster district of central London, and there was talk for a whole week that it was stolen by a gangster in London, but the situation was different and that whoever stole it Its purpose was excitement.

After a week of painstaking research by the British police, who worked hard to decipher the theft, especially since it was among the largest investigations in the history of the police in London, a dog named Pickles found the cup lying outside its owner's house in the south London area during his search among the trees.

It turned out later that the two brothers, Sydney and Reg Coogler, were standing around the incident that upset the British government and FIFA, and Gary (son of Reg) recounted that his father and uncle seized the cup for suspense and not for any financial gain, and that they had no difficulty at all in getting it out of the theater.

It was remarkable that the owner of the dog, Pickles, David Corbett, received a financial reward of 6,000 pounds sterling.

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