Former sumo wrestler Chiyo Tairyu, who retired on the 20th, held a press conference and said, "I have no regrets or regrets, and I feel refreshed."

Chiyo Tairyu is 34 years old from Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.

He entered the sumo world with titles such as student yokozuna, and from his first ring, he entered the tournament in six places, and with his strong thrust, he won the skill award once.

Imabasho, which was the 12th maegashira, finished the 7th day with 2 wins and 5 losses.

Chiyotairyu said, "I didn't think I would be able to win sumo for 11 and a half years."

After losing unilaterally to Midoriyama on the 7th day, he decided to retire. I explained.

In May 2011, when Chiyotairyu stepped on the first ring with the 15th Makushita rating, he was absent after losing two consecutive games, and his first win was at the next Nagoya tournament. Looking back on the efforts he raised, he said, "I was happy with the applause and cheering at the sumo wrestling I won for the first time.

In the future, he would like to be involved in the restaurant industry without remaining in the Japan Sumo Association.

Kokonoe master of former Ozeki Chiyotaikai, who attended the press conference, said, "He was an obedient and bright disciple who was clumsy and cute because he could only win sumo wrestling. I want you to aim for Ozeki," I sent an ale.