Darwish: Referee Orsato managed the opening of the 2022 World Cup with skill

  • Italian international referee Orsato officiated the Qatar-Ecuador match.


  • Issa Darwish: "Ursato led the match with skill, and was present in every detail of the match."


The former World Cup football assistant referee, Issa Darwish, said that the refereeing team for the opening match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar between the national teams of Qatar and Ecuador, led by Italian international referee Daniele Orsato, was very distinguished in leading the match, pointing out that he led the match with great skill, and was He was present in all the details of the match, close to the ball, and his decision to cancel a goal for Ecuador in the third minute on the grounds of offside, after using the video referee technique (the mouse) was correct, and his decision to award a penalty kick from which the Ecuadorian national team scored its first goal in the 13th minute was correct. Also, as a result of Qatar goalkeeper Saad Al-Sheeb blocking the Ecuadorian striker inside the restricted area, considering that the arbitration match was easy, and there was no difficulty, despite the controversy that accompanied the decision to cancel the first goal of Ecuador due to offside.

In detail, Issa Darwish told Emirates Today: “With regard to the canceled goal of the Ecuadorian national team, the case is one of the difficult arbitration cases, and it was difficult to see the referee with the naked eye, without the use of the video referee technology, due to the presence of a very small part of the foot of a weeping striker. Ecuador is between 5 and 10 centimeters inside the Qatar national team's goal line, and it was in an offside position, so the decision to cancel the goal by (the mouse) was correct, and in this case, any referee cannot make a decision about it with the naked eye, and the video referee technique must be referred to to resolve the controversy that arose about it.

Darwish added, "Offside is counted if the attacker is closer to the opposing team's goal line."

Issa Darwish indicated that the Referees Committee of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) chose an appropriate referee to manage the opening match of the World Cup, describing the Italian referee Orsato as one of the experienced referees, and those with long experience, considering that his choice for this match was successful.

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