【Subtitle】The Qatar World Cup has officially started, and the container hotel provided by the organizer has attracted much attention.

Container hotels that cost US$200 a night are produced by companies in different regions such as Suzhou and Foshan, and the ex-factory price is more than 20,000 yuan each.

  [Concurrent] Qatar World Cup Container Hotel Supplier Chen Xia

  At the end of March this year, I received an email from Qatar. In June, the customer paid the first batch of deposits. The entire production cycle for 1,000 sets of China Red prefab houses is one month.

This is more than 20,000 RMB per set. The ex-factory price of more than 20,000 includes the main body of the box, water heater, table, shower, etc., except for the bed.

After making a preset, it can be built just like Lego blocks. If it is not preset, it is estimated that two workers will spend two days.

But if we do a preset now, it saves almost 50% of the time.

  [Subtitle] Another company from Foshan said that the purchase of furniture in the container costs about several thousand yuan.

  [Concurrent] Qatar World Cup container hotel supplier Yan Guozhi

  We made 3,500, and if he made about 10,000, it should be almost one-third of ours.

The shower room, toilet, mirror, and tea shelf, water heater, and fan are all purchased for him. It costs a few thousand dollars. The bed didn’t pass through us, so we shipped it all over for him. .

  【Subtitle】When the supplier asked about the buyer's after-sales service, the buyer said that after the World Cup, the container may be donated to other countries in need.

  [Concurrent] Qatar World Cup container hotel supplier Li Cong

  At that time, I asked him what he would do with the house in the future, because we also thought about whether we need to provide any after-sales service, and then they said that it would be useless after the holding, and the World Cup will only take one or two months, and it will be used up. I just donated it, and it will be dismantled and donated to other countries at that time.

  Xie Longfei reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]