China News Agency, Paris, November 14. The Paris Olympic Organizing Committee announced on the 14th local time the mascot of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games "Phryges".

  The Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games will use the same mascot with nuanced details, an "anthropomorphic" version of the traditional Phrygian hat, with a red coat, blue eyes, one of The eye is decorated with two ribbons in the colors of the French flag.

In addition, the Paralympic mascot incorporates prosthetic design elements.

  The Paris Organizing Committee said the mascots for the Paris Olympics and Paralympics were designed to convey a "different message" and to demonstrate "the idea of ​​a republic".

According to Agence France-Presse, the design of the Paris Olympics mascot reflects the republican symbol of the French Revolution.

  Paris Olympic Organizing Committee President Estanguet praised the design of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic mascots at the press conference that day, pointing out that the Phrygian hat is "famous all over the world".

He said it was a "special day" and the mascot would be featured on town halls, art designs and stamps in the future.

  The mascot-related sales are expected to bring in 127 million euros, accounting for "20% to 25%" of Paris Olympic-related derivatives sales, according to a budget report provided by the Paris Organizing Committee, quoted by AFP.

French BFM TV reported that "Friji" will be listed in Carrefour on the 15th, and will also be sold in official stores, official website malls and other channels.