China News Service, Chengdu, November 14th (Reporter He Shaoqing) The 2022 Kudi Coffee Chengdu Marathon press conference was held in Chengdu on the 14th.

At the press conference, the organizing committee announced the latest preparations for the event, as well as this year's finisher medals and clothing styles.

The design of this year's Chengdu Marathon finisher medal was inspired by the famous sentence of the poet Du Fu: "The window contains a thousand autumn snows in the Xiling, and the door is parked with a boat of thousands of miles of Eastern Wu."

  It is understood that the 2022 Chengdu Marathon will start at 7:30 on November 20. The race route will still use the classic Chengdu Marathon track. The runners will start from the Jinsha Site Museum and pass through Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Kuanzhai Alley, Tianfu Square and other cities. The landmark runs from the splendid ancient civilization (Sands) to the surging new era (Tianfu New District). The end point of the half marathon is Tianfu International Financial Center, and the end point of the full marathon is the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

  The design of this year's Chengdu Marathon finisher medal was inspired by the famous line of the poet Du Fu.

In Du Fu's writings, the beautiful snow-capped mountains seem to be pulled into Jinguan City hundreds of miles away in an instant, drawing a vivid picture of "the park city under the snow-capped mountains".

The medal borrows the typical image of "windows" in traditional Chinese culture. The hollowed-out part of the medal creates a strong sense of visual hierarchy, while retaining the classic image of the sun god bird. The overall atmosphere is created to express the vitality of the city of Chengdu.

The 2022 Chengdu Marathon finisher medals were released.

Photo courtesy of Chengdu Sports Bureau

  Ensuring the runners finish the race safely and improving the runners' participation experience has been a consistent standard at the operational level of the Chengdu Marathon in recent years.

This year, under the premise of implementing the overall requirements of Chengdu’s epidemic prevention and control, the event organizing committee will continue to refer to the relevant standards of the Grand Slam competitions to provide players with the most professional marathon venues. World Athletics Certification.

  The Organizing Committee of the event plans to install a WBGT black ball index meter on the track to monitor the weather data during the race, and to more objectively reflect the heat load and risk warning parameters of the players on the track, so as to help the players finish the race better; The 19 medical stations will build a full range of protection for the game.

In order to fully protect the health and safety of the runners, nearly 100 physician runners and nearly 50 mobile patrol and ambulance team members wearing AEDs will escort the runners along the way.

  This year, the Organizing Committee of the event will continue to implement more than 40 event execution plans, including divisional start, volunteer management improvement, start and finish clothing storage, timing scoring, pre-match item distribution, etc., and continue to deepen and implement refined implementation plans. Event management to further enhance the players' experience of participating in the competition.

  In terms of event bonuses, in order to encourage and coordinate the improvement of the competitive level of Chinese players and ensure the participation of high-level players, the overall bonus of the 2022 Chengdu Marathon exceeds 1 million yuan.

Among them, the men's and women's marathon champion prizes are both 150,000 yuan, and the total prize money for racing wheelchairs is 186,000 yuan.