[Commentary] Yuan Jianan, a 37-year-old French-Chinese female table tennis player, was born in Zhengzhou, Henan.

After joining the French nationality, she represented the French national table tennis team everywhere, and she also became famous for her victory over the Olympic champion Japanese player Mima Ito.

  [Commentary] In October this year, Yuan Jianan, as a French women's table tennis player, successively participated in the Chengdu World Table Tennis Team Championships, the WTT Macau Championship, and the Xinxiang WTT World Cup final.

Especially in the Macau arena, Yuan Jianan defeated the Olympic champion Wang Manyu and the famous Japanese player Kasumi Ishikawa and became the "dark horse" of the arena.

After the game in his hometown of Henan, Yuan Jianan recently accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency.

  [Concurrent] French Chinese table tennis player Yuan Jianan

  Overall, I am quite satisfied with these three stops.

Because my dream of playing when I was a child was: I hope that one day I can stand on the field of the Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships.

In the Chengdu World Championship against Slovakia (player), I didn't play very well in that game, and I was in a state of self-blame.

After Macau (Championship), as soon as I saw the draw (against Wang Manyu), I immediately looked at the (aircraft) tickets for the next day.

I think the game I won against Man Yu was probably because of my mentality, a point is a point.

In the Xinxiang finals, I still played with Chen Meng (a Chinese women's table tennis player) with this mentality anyway. Although I lost with Chen Meng, I think I played well in that game.

I think it's good to be able to continue to stand on the court and enjoy the game now.

  [Commentary] The Xinxiang WTT World Cup final was Yuan Jianan's first time to participate in an international event in her hometown in Henan. Although she lost to Chinese player Chen Meng in the first round, she gained a lot of fans from her hometown.

  [Concurrent] French Chinese table tennis player Yuan Jianan

  This is also the first time I have returned to my ancestral country in more than three years. The last time I returned was in the summer of 2019.

I'm definitely still very happy, and I'm definitely in a different mood to be able to go back to my ancestral country and go back to my hometown to play games.

(But) the biggest regret this time is that I didn't return home, and I haven't seen my parents for almost three years.

My parents, and relatives in my family, they watch every game I play, and they video (chat) with me every day.

  [Explanation] In recent years, more and more Chinese players have "break out of the cocoon". In Yuan Jianan's view, this is due to China's good atmosphere for table tennis and the status of table tennis as a national ball.

  [Concurrent] French Chinese table tennis player Yuan Jianan

  I went to France when I was 20 years old.

You will meet some Chinese people outside but not play table tennis, and then everyone will get to know each other, and then they will all ask what are you doing?

Every time I say I'm here to play table tennis, people will have a good impression of you.

I feel a sense of pride in my bones.

  [Explanation] In France, Yuan Jianan maintains two hours of training every day. After training, he likes to swim, and he frequently chats with close Chinese players on social platforms.

Although they all work for different countries, their Chinese identity makes them close to their roots.

  [Concurrent] French Chinese table tennis player Yuan Jianan

  We talk about a lot of things besides the usual ball.

For example, life, raising a baby, beauty, and then we can talk about everything.

The table tennis atmosphere in France now, I think, is better than before.

I think this little white ball can connect the whole world.

This sport is getting better and better now, and then table tennis can also drive many people, that is, many people want to play and pay attention.

So I think you don't think this little white ball is so small, but I think its energy is quite large in all aspects.

  Reporter Li Chaoqing, Cheng Hang, Kan Li, Henan Xinxiang reported

Responsible editor: [He Sanli]