In the third game of the professional baseball playoffs, Kiwoom beat LG thanks to a home run from Ji-yeol Lim's comeback, leaving only one win left to advance to the Korean Series.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.


Kiwoom had a hard start as ace Ahn Woo-jin hit LG Moon Bo-kyung in the right time in the 2nd and allowed a home run to Chae Eun-seong in the 3rd inning.

When LG starter Kim Yun-sik, who had been playing hard in the 6th inning, was replaced, Kim Hye-sung and Puig and Kim Tae-jin made just-time hits in a row to turn the game over, but in the 7th, the bullpen gave up two points and lost the lead again.

At the end of the 7th, after two outs, LG pitcher Dae-Yoo Kim took advantage of the defensive error to create a chance, and Kiwoom manager Hong Won-gi threw in Lim Ji-yeol as a substitute instead of old man Lee Yong-gyu.

Ji-Yeol Lim hit the first fastball of LG Lee Jeong-Yong and drew a two-run arch over the middle wall, making Kiwoom fans enthusiastic.

The next hitter, Jeong-hoo Lee, also roared with a huge solo homer hitting the billboard above the right crowd and throwing out his bat.

Kiwoom finishing pitcher Kim Jae-woong, who was put in early in the 8th no-out 1-2 base crisis, threw himself to catch Moon Bo-kyung's bunt, and defended the victory with a decisive win by catching the second base runner with a bullet-like throw.

Kiwoom, who won 6-4, had only one win left to advance to the Korean Series with 2 wins and 1 loss.

[Lim Ji-yeol/Kiwoom Outfielder: Focusing on the fastball had good results, and it was so good that I got goosebumps, and it seemed even better because the team members were happy.]

Kiwoom put Appleler in the 4th game today and 3 years Challenged to confirm the Korean Series after the first time, LG tried to escape from the brink by taking ace Kelly out of the game for three days.